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How To Tell “The Recession” is over.

Theres only one thing now, that is most likely to pull us out of this recession. This “official” recession. Thats a crisis. And a crisis is a terrible thing to Dead Fish Emmanuel has said. Whats the crisis coming? … Continue reading

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Movie Review-Nazi Concentration Camps (1945)

I have yet to view “The Soviet Story”, and heard it was better, however, Nazi Concentration Camps is a memorable film, a collection really, of much of the footage the allies shot in Europe of the Camps as, and shortly … Continue reading

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Dual Movie Review, Oz / Money Masters

Bill Still has made two documentaries that really hammer home the current situation on money as currency and debt, the fed reserve, and the banking ruling class. “The Money Masters” is a long, detailed introduction to The Dollar, and really, … Continue reading

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America’s new Central Party

The Central Party, the political party sold as two separate parties (Democrat and Republican), is the party in charge. There is a Democrat wing, that is now in control of most of the parties business. There is a Republican wing, that … Continue reading

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Rangel wrangels his way out of court.

Charles W Rangel, Congressman from Criminalville, House Ways and Means tax policy standard-bearer, cheated on his taxes in multiple ways, multiple times…. and now does not have to go to court. Why? Because he is Ruling Class. Why? Because he … Continue reading

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Who says abolish socialism?

I do. Start with this massive Health Care Takeover Bill, then on to social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare assistance, food stamps, and  public education. When I say abolish, I mean, abolish, defund, and reaffirm the constitutional principles which do not … Continue reading

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False Flag War Coming Soon

One batch of Lobbyists beat the drum for bailout dollars for Wall Street banks….they got everything they wanted. (they waved the false flag of systemic risk) Another batch of Lobbyists beat the drum for stimulus dollars, freshly printed for “anything” projects. They … Continue reading

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