Inception, a movie review

As of right now, this movie is still in theatre.

I saw inception because the small movie theatre I usually go to was not showing the new Predator movie in the afternoon. It was good, but not world shaking. Stars Leo DCaprio as a high tech multi level dreamer who assembles a team to penetrate a mind and influence the outcome of a large corporation, for a fee.

The point I did not miss is the fact that this movie seems to be driving into normalcy, the idea that its ok, or just business, to enter another individuals mind and force them to take on a different viewpoint in a fraudulent matter, sort of an ends justifies means thing.

Wait for it to come out on video. Then make sure others are not distracting you while you watch it as this movie requires your undivided multi-level attention. Comparable to Vanilla Sky, Matrix, or many movies Val Kilmer has done over the past 10 years. Three out of four stars.

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