Workplaces Getting Stressed

Based on what I have seen in my own workplace, as well as what I have heard from a growing number of other workplaces, things are getting stressed in the workplace. People are, more and more often, being asked to do more without being alloted reasonable time to do it in..or being asked to do it without enough time to actually do it. Stories are coming out now that more and more households are living without water and electricity. In some areas of southern California, one in four households are cooking with bonfires in the backyard nightly, and having to stow water and use lanterns.

We are in a depression, and if it has not hit your town or suburb yet, don’t worry, its coming.

You are not immune, no one is. The only way out is the road toward more freedoms, and this administration, as well as many state governments, are doing everything but allotting out any. As things get worse, and as money and budgets continue to dwindle, tempers will flare in workplaces, and that will, spill, out into the streets, as the current regime in DC will have no tolerance for decent.

If you are thinking, “ but not in my backyard“, you are being evasive to say the least. Atleast prepare yourself to be mentally ready for tempers to get even hotter. You are witnessing the fall of America. Enjoy what luxeries you have now. Nothing lasts forever. Do not allow co-workers who have oppressive tendancies (scales and snake eyes, ect) to push you to some sort of mental (fatigue wrenching) “edge”, if you sense they are attempting to, understand that that is what some individuals do to deal with the “stress”, aka, cause others to share the pain, if you will, or, be more stressed out than them. Don’t fly off, and cause others to distress, just take a deep breath and drive on doing your job, understanding that everyones situation is teetering on disaster, and that over time, that sort of thing wears on people.

Many people treat uber stress levels differently than you may expect. Many have a sort of, reptillian tendancy, where a deep dormant evil tendancy to destroy other lives around them, comes out in overt fashion, and under stress, that tendancy, dormant and deep for years, can pop out readily and easily.

Keep your mind referenced in this. Be prepared to see more of it. Its highly possible that you are going to have to catagorize some friends as “associates”, downgrading them in your own mind, as you see their true selves come out in the open under this uber stress.., and it does not look good. Find friends who can handle the stress, and not the giddy types who are only happy or go-lucky because they do not see (willfully usually) the disaster unfolding around them. With your mind more firmed by self control and heightened awareness, choose to surround yourself with other “right-minded” individuals, who in a pinch, you know, are less likely to kabob the kids. And that “pinch” is coming, as the economy continues to be torched down, and police forces simply answer by beefing up their weapontry.

* Remember, keep your gas tank half full or more at all times, stow water, live within walking distance of 3 people or more, that you trust with your life. Store up foods that keep for extended periods of time,and keep a bug out bag ready.

 In combat, I have seen people convert like cameleons from nice level headed guys to people who look like they would be willing to, and think it reasonable, to put their first born on a spit for roasting.  Literally. And above all, keep what you know is right, and wrong, in perspective. Keep in mind, “The Good“…as best you understand it from an objective point of view. Keep that “fire within” burning, that yearning to always do whats right, and good. Presence of mind. Preparedness. Posture To Defend. The Three P’s. Commit them to memory.

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