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After that “thrill” is gone.

Unhinged, Mathews and crew at messNBC are above ad hom attacks, right ? Investigations? Hmmmm, does that worry the left? Perhaps, but why? What have we missed? Are we about to find dirt under the rugs in the House? Hmmmm. … Continue reading

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Is it a swing to the right?

Many Americans will find that their lifestyle choices prevent them from being distracted by politics. For example, this couple…

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Who is Senator Maam, Barbara Boxer?

From the people who brought you “Airplane”, the movie…

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Stickin’ it to “the man”.

Steven Crowder reveals another instance of worker oppression and exploitation by fat cats who want tax cuts. The wealthiest 2 % exposed!

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Who Is The Ultimate Jew?

Why, Jackie Mason is, the Ultimate Jew, that’s who.

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Who is PJ O Rourke?

PJ O Rurke is a hippy who woke up and said..”now, wait a minute”. Continue reading

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