It Cannot Go On

Debt, a brilliant illustration as to why this cannot go on…

Thanks to directorblue blog.

More details,

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Grayson leaves us with a bow, of sorts.

This before the US House of Representatives. Full, open, unabashed class warfare buffoonery. The left is imploding.

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Beck warns of engineered collapse

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Jones warns of engineered collapse

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TSA Rounds Third, Heads For Home Plate!

The TSA Airport Security branch of Homeland Security ran to first base when they asked us to give up our tooth paste.

The TSA Airport Security made it round to second base with the early quick pat downs of the occasional passenger.

The TSA broke to third base with us when squeezing our testicles and rubbing our vaginas.

The TSA will break to homeĀ plateĀ and resort to full open sodomy next. Why not? They hit the ball out of the park (US Bill of Rights), after all, who is to say that your enlarged prostate is not plastic explosives? Only one way to be sure.

Now that’s grope and change we can all believe in.

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Talk radios Michael Savage…

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Europe heads to fascism…again.

Multi-cultural Sweden leads the way…

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