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Documentary -The rise fall and future of conservatism

Britt Hume’s, “The Right All Along” trailer…–future-of-conservatism-/ Much of this documentary focuses on the populism, and anti-populism, of the right, the glitz, glamour, the people, the political wrestling internally and externally. The issues are all touched on but not … Continue reading

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Who is, John Galt?

Documentary in the making…soon to be released…

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Film depicts world of equality.

“2081” is a 25 minute short film and snapshot of a world in which everyone is equal, and where protest is criminal.

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Two tales, good v. evil.

A excerpt of a conversation follows below. It is between a father and his questioning young boy traveling a long road through a nightmarish world of unimaginable evil., they are afraid, cold, and starving. This is from Cormac McCarthy’s book (of … Continue reading

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I see parallels

I see parallels in these movie clips… Continue reading

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Blowing bubbles

Housing might not be the last bubble to pop. This series I found interesting… Part One: Part Two: Part Three:

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Men Who Stare At Goats, movie review

I know people who would not get the humor in this movie, and would not like it, and I also know people who would “get it”, and injure themselves laughing through most of this romp as Big Lebowski meets George … Continue reading

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