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It is slavery to own people, and claim their property

Judge Andrew Napolitano asks, who owns (essentially) you? You, or “others”? Econ 101 with Dan Mitchell, Advertisements

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Separation of economy, and state

As we view an economy purposely forced into the dirt by  powers emboldened by hidden agendas and masters, we grovel between ourselves,”who decides, how far is too far?”. Regulations assume guilt, then impose restrictions on said PRE-crimes. Government power brokers … Continue reading

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Individual Rights Reaffirmed

In this speech, the moral case for the founding fathers actions, and the idea of Individual Rights, is explained.

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Who is PJ O Rourke?

PJ O Rurke is a hippy who woke up and said..”now, wait a minute”. Continue reading

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Principles and bravery, then and now.

The founding fathers did not pass a resolution to return  The Kings power to 1774 levels. The Republican Party (in its pledge recently) has done so however, vowing to return this nation to 2008 government spending levels. This should not … Continue reading

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Country n’ Western Economics

Ran across this today tripping through the interwebs… And this… Jeez, you would think Washington creatures would already have bought their South American retreats already.

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Intellectual Athletes

Elected officials are in a sense, intellectual athletes. They are traded, and trade votes among themselves. They are often ranked by fans and foes. Their abilities are viewed by speacial interests, hidden interests, individuals interested, and betwix each other. Theres … Continue reading

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