The Neocon view of life

Theres are conservatives, in the sense, of people who believe that traditions of good law, and the constitution, are important, and worth preserving. Than there are the “New Conservatives”, the Straussian, Humeian, NeoCon. The NeoCon is a breed that makes the progressive socialist, and anarchists, look like nice, but misled, people. The Neocon has, politically, damaged this nation more than any other ideological movement in its history.

A communist will threaten to chop off your head if you do not give him the fruits of your labor. The Fascists will pay you to build a labor camp, then have your children spend their lives there. A liberal will ask you for half the fruits of your labor as a moral imperative to others who have no fruits, and refuse to labor. A Socialist will want you to do a mild version of all the above, as long as the ballot box is used to determine degrees.

  But a neo con is a special breed. A Neo Con will tell you how great America is, how efficient free markets and freeDOM is. How utilitarian and pragmatic it is to fight the extremists on both sides. How important it is to not take a side, but then claim you have won the debate. How everyone has won the debate, and how its impossible “really” to have a real “winner” or “loser”. A Neocon will sell a war as a duty. Self-sacrifice above self-interest, reason as faith, and the Dark Ages, as, not really as bad as they would have us think. A NeoCon aligns himself with an independent soul, and calls him his brother in arms against the collectivist hoards. But a NeoCon does not believe in The Individual as sovern. The NeoCon subscribes to the same yolk any other tyrant does. In America, the NeoCon has told we the descendants of the Declaration of Independence, that he is us, that we are ONE, and that freedom is not an end, it is a means to an end, because it produces the technology that makes partial enslavement, partial distribution of wealth by force, partial collectivism , possible. Some freedom, the neoconservative claims, is enough to save us from ourselves, and enough to save socialism, from, the socialists. The NeoCon believes that there should be creation, but just enough for destruction. The Neocon believes that one’s duty is to others, and that the ends justify the means, the neocons means, that is.

The Neocon is no different from any other tyrant, and the neocon is not a friend of freedom. Slavery is no means of preserving freedom. Even if it is justified as partial enslavement. One cannot be a partial slave, just as one cannot be partially pregnant.

To defend life, freedom, and individual free will, one cannot be anything but an advocate of the fire within, The Good, and be principled, consistent, and ever vigilant to all forms of the initiation of force when used or not used toward the protection of individual rights. And vigilant to fraud. Espeacially the fraud of neoconservatism.

The NeoCon view of life is a view of, by and for, destruction.

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