America’s new Central Party

The Central Party, the political party sold as two separate parties (Democrat and Republican), is the party in charge. There is a Democrat wing, that is now in control of most of the parties business. There is a Republican wing, that was in control, and will be in control when it’s their “turn” again.

The Central Party, sold as two Parties ( and not just dual winged as it really is) is one of the main problems with the American political system, and thus, the thumb on top the American economy currently.

The Central Party does not depend on you being a utopist, socialist, federalist, libertarian, conservative, liberal. It depends on you being none, and all of them. It wants you to accept a little evil, and a lot of good. Or, for some, a lot of evil, and a little good. That way lines are blurred. Defining moments, and political results, are debatable. Many refer to this mental state as “consummate pragmatism”. Here are some domesticated phases made by herded sheep that result from Central Party planning. “Why go to extremes?” “In the end, what we need is a compromise.” ” Both sides have their merits.” “We need a balance of power.” Of course, the balance of power they are referring to is a balance within the Central Party, which means simply, a consolidation of power with “The Central Party”, and away from “The Individual”, who is lost in this false paradigm, false flag American takeover, Baaaa’ ing, like a sheep.

Really, the concept of a Central Party is not new. Many civilizations have had it before. An overt example of a central party today is Communist China, or, China if you will. The Central Party is in charge, wings might exist, but the power is at the top, it is a top down rule structure, and wether or not it decides to allow people to be free is up to the various wings within Central. In the USA, the Central Party is seen as two fractions, or two whole separate parties. This allows for people to fight for political ground.  It is an illusion, a facade, a false dictonomy. It is made to be intentionally covert, not overt as the Chinese model, but soon, and soon enough, it will be OVERT. One side and the other side appear to be fighting for your vote. They are only fighting for the Central Party, they are front men, they are part of the ruling class. (Even if they don’t rule, because they are blessed by the real power wielding types, who do not run for election.)

An example of how the Central Party of America wins is the following. A bill is proposed in Congress. It is said it will keep Americans safe from, lets say, moldy bread. Now the bill contains a clause that all bread makers must be inspected by a Central Bread Saftey Board member. Business interests at first cry foul, as it will drive up the price of bread, free market advocates will agree, and side with them, as it’s a fact that regulations are paid for by the consumer, of consumer groups, some may agree that it’s a bad law. The Central Party will then work out deals beneath the table with bread industry leaders, aka, the big companies with the majority of political pull. Suddenly, bread must be made safe, commercials fly through the airwaves, Big Bread donates to the coffers of Congressmans re-election campaigns, and small bread manufacturers start going out of business, anticipating that their costs will be too high. Many small bread makers actually are forced to sell out to the Big Bread Corporations for pennies on the dollar as a stop-loss. Big Bread wins (monetarily). The Central Party wins (power). The consumer? Well, tucked away somewhere in the Bread Bill, that no one read, (since the lobbys wrote an encylopedic/cryptic tomb), is a clause carefully hidden in newspeak that states that cupboards need to be spot inspected by unionized Federal Bread Inspectors.without a warrant..who are authorized to take other food out of your cupboard, depending on how hungry they are. One wing of the Central Party exposed this, the bill almost failed because of it, but once it was removed….the bill passed, as it was claimed by the Central Party, that the remainder of said bill, was pure as the wind driven snow…is pure.

Thus we end up with a bad bill, sold as a heated battle between two groups (actually, sold by the Central Party) that resulted in glorious compromise, or consumer empowerment, ect..Or sold to opponents as, “not nearly as bad as it could have been”.

This is done with war bills, defense appropriations bills, energy bills, health care bills, stimulus bills, regulatory bills, and a host of other types of bills. The end result is always the same. Americans rally to one wing of the Central Party or the other wing, thinking, well, somebody must be working for them. But no one is working for them. Theres only one interest, and it is against their independence, it is against their interests, and it will keep them regulated, and struggling eternally, until they wake up to the fact that it’s all just one big show put on by Central.

Communist China is the model of world governance to the rulers. America is transforming more and more everyday, to that Chinese model. The Manchurian candidate, are candidates, plural, and they have infested American government from your local watershed districts all the way up to the top, the Supreme Court.

Beware of anyone telling you we need to balance out the power between the Parties (wings), there is no political solution to excessive politics. The solution is a cultural awakening to the principles the founding fathers wrote and spoke about. The sovern individual. The State, below the people. Limited rules, maximized freedoms. Truth is, we do not need a Central Party, or ANY Party. We own our lives lock stock, 100%. That ownership must be restated, re affirmed, re-Declared soon, our very survival as individuals depends on it. The Nazis never marched a single individual to the gas chambers, they (in their minds) were vaccinating the collective from an infection. Central Party Officials (nearly all sitting Democrats and Republicans) of both wings, are holding what they see, as the syringe, or the cure, POWER.

The goods Central sells us come in the form of collective compassion. Security, protection, hope, and change. No mention of individual rights, freedoms, liberty, or independence. The Central Party’s only solutions always empower the Central Party, and never you. As long as people think that re-balancing the factions, or wings within the Central Party, will save the day…the Central Party rules. They are not pragmatists, but they want you to be. It works easier for them. They are The New Exterminators, you need to start addressing them as such.

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