False Flag War Coming Soon

One batch of Lobbyists beat the drum for bailout dollars for Wall Street banks….they got everything they wanted. (they waved the false flag of systemic risk)

Another batch of Lobbyists beat the drum for stimulus dollars, freshly printed for “anything” projects. They got a huge windfall.(they waved the false flag of deflation)

Another group of Lobbyists pushed for health care goods and services to be consolidated into larger super-structures through further socialization of health care. They got it. (they waved the false flags of H1N1, and people dying by the thousands, or millions)

Now, we have the Cap and Trade enviro-nazi climate fraudsters pushing for consolidation of all the large businesses in energy. (they waved the false flag of climate-change due to man, and peak oil )

And, now, we have the Lobbyists beating the War Drums. That false flag will be “bad intell”, and “forged intell” reports. And War fits perfectly in tune with what the Statists want. The sinking Obama administration can prevent capsizing by ramping up a war, it’s the next stimulus, and its perfect to take care of all those young (60%-unemployement, ages 18-24) turks having nothing to do. The key need for War well before November is the need for a draft. A new House of Representatives might not pass a resolution to have another draft. There will be a need for more soldiers well before November, which means, a war will need to be started very soon, I would say, before the end of September, at the very latest.

* note, for those too young to know what a draft is, a draft is forced labor. It is used as a cure for massive unemployment, esp, of the young, whom collectivists regard as a very dangerous group to be roaming about “looking for something to do”. It will reshape the whole economy onto a war footing, in economic terms, it is the ultimate broken window fallacy.

There will be a threat assessed by the worlds citizens, observable to everyone, and then the Congress and the President will go into full court press for funding, praying sheeple, and a military (with Obama-probably a civilian draft as well) draft. They can consolidate the energy sector under their control, as well as alleviate unemployment by force, and, they can clamp down the internet and actually act on the bill that just got out of committee in the Senate, and is ready for a vote, the “kill-switch” bill, which puts on on-OFF switch in the Presidents hands for the entire internet.

Most Americans right now are like sheep, peacefully grazing in the green pastures, and they have no idea, most, that this is coming. Problems, Crisis, and of course, A Solution. The pragmatic middle majority in America will go along with the war scenario, (they, the Kool-aid party, will compute that “war is hell but the youth need jobs”) hook, line , and sinker, and as the middle shrinks, giving ground to the enlightened tea party, the Collectivists know that their window to really pull this off is closing.

Expect a larger war. I am not saying…WWIII, but something large enough to require forced labor here in the states. It solves more than just a few problems for the statist globalist collectivists. Selling it should still be easy for them right now.

That is how the crooks will be able to stay in Washington…remember, crooks do not normally voluntarily give themselves up, without a fight. Most of our elected politicians are no different.

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