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TSA Rounds Third, Heads For Home Plate!

The TSA Airport Security branch of Homeland Security ran to first base when they asked us to give up our tooth paste. The TSA Airport Security made it round to second base with the early quick pat downs of the … Continue reading

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TSA and the “Freedom Frisk”

Here it is…

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Regulating the Regulators

There are explicit costs of government in the form of taxes, and then there are hidden costs. Like inflation (what the left calls price gouging) and regulations (what the left and many on the right call necessary). Van Horn pens … Continue reading

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Slavery, both holy and unholy.

“the religious right.. believe in sacrifice as much, perhaps more than, the communist left.” Continue reading

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A Glimpse of America’s Future

“ill-clothed against the cold and fitted in dogcollars and yoked each to each.” Continue reading

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Easy to divide, easy to conquer.

As sales of the Islamic bible, the Koran, spike up for this weeks burning festival, boobus domesticus is leaving other books un-read on their shelves at home. Here are some (made-up)book titles Amercians (who are too busy burning Korans) should be … Continue reading

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Corporatism, the New World Fuedalism

“Now we can see a new world..coming into view.”-George Herbert Walker Bush     Why would a popular government, swept into power on the promise of hope and change and against the powerful special and hidden interests, continue, blatantly, to funnel money, … Continue reading

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