This is my site filled with my opinions on the issues. It will contain alot of politics, if your offended, then have a nice day, I don’t aim to please. If you like some of the stuff here, please link to it all you want, my name is able2cog@wordpress as far as anyone here is concerned. Have a nice day.

Some additions…I love the smell of napalm in the morning, or better, the smell of a two stroke engine running a little rich, I like timothy grass over daisies or roses, prefer the moon to the sun, I like statue art of mushrooms and gargoyles. My middle name is Noah, I am not building an arc, but can strike an arch and weld a pretty decent bead as long as I am not Tig or Mig. I may…or may not…work for a federal agency. I reserve the right to assert the fifth amendment. Spam is only good in a can, on a plate or a blog, it sucks. Mustard rocks. And furthermore, i recommend everyone read “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, “The Stand” by Stephen King, “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand, and for goodness sakes, “Economics In One Lesson”, by Henry Hazlitt. If you feel slightly insulted, demoralized, injured emotionally in any way shape or form, or mentally, “dented” from reading my blog, I sincerely suggest you find a blog about Brittany Spears, Keith Uber-man, or Abby McBeal, and read articles there for your softened amusement. I have a spiced set of fingers, short and hairy, and bloody knuckles from dragging them about, lifting them only to puff my chest and spout right-wing mongering diatribes…as the lefties accuse.

And lastly, or last-ish, whichever, my english composition sucks, i use spell chekcer when I have the patience, if not, tough-titty. I also occasionally use foul language. Not the real offensive stuff, but if appropriatly placed, it seems to descibe my thoughts better, if this offends you, move on to another blog, I refuse to write my blog upon the broken glass of your disney-world dictionary of terms. Feel free to comment here, it’s usually safe. But I guarantee nothing. My only claim is that, THIS, is my blog, and nothing more. Oh, and one more thing, my view of the human race is that people are basically good, and that a small percentage of brutes and asshats make the world moderately tolerable most of the time. I write more pessimistically than I actually think, I cannot explain why this is, just my “way”. I am over 30 and under 50. My interests include politics, economics, prepping, saluting bad drivers, and helping old ladies across the street. I spend more time on youtube then I do in the blogosphere so if I do not post, I am being distracted by something else, and will return…eventually.



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  1. You would have to be more specific I?m afraid.

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