How To Tell “The Recession” is over.

Theres only one thing now, that is most likely to pull us out of this recession. This “official” recession. Thats a crisis. And a crisis is a terrible thing to Dead Fish Emmanuel has said.

Whats the crisis coming? It’s a dollar crash. Nations holding trillions or billions of US dollars will see the US dollars value crashing, and like dominoes, they will crash the dollar, let it fall, and run for the door to save themselves. Enter the World Currency, the opportunity, just not an opportunity for us.

Never mind the big winners and losers, mind the people next door, you will not have time to store water and fuel and ammo at the time of dollar crash, it will be sudden.

A currency crisis effects everyone, because the price of goods and services will jump way up suddenly, as dollars in circulation suddenly become abundant here in the US, much more abundant than the goods they are chasing.

I write “watch the people next door”, because people will become desperate when they realize they have been living from paycheck to paycheck, and now bread is ten, no, twenty dollars a loaf…gas is 20 dollars a gallon, a can of soup? Five dollars. Power? Four hours per day. Your first born? Drafted into the military, serving in points unknown.

Got debt? Cannot pay that debt? Got time? Heard of forced labor? Would you like to be sent to a camp to work off a debt to an offshore bank at the point of an American gun?

But wait, you say, did we not appease the banks with all that bailout money, those trillions of dollars? Sorry, thats not the way things work.

Fractional Reserve Banking means money as you know it, is only DEBT. Stop to think of that for a minute. Not sure what Fractional Reserve Banking is? Look it up. Understand that this nation sits right now, on the edge of an abyss. No election can stop the inevitable swift, potentially overnight slide over the cliff, this economy will experience. The sheep will clamour for the ruling class, The Goats, to lead them to security. And this is where the obamunists in the white house will slip the noose tight.

How to prepare?

1. Get out of crowded cities.

2. Bug out bag, google it.

3. Water, water, water.

4. Full tank of gas, all times.

5. Live within walking distance of at least 3 people you trust with you life.

6. Gold and silver.

7. Canned food, colloidal silver.

8. The 2nd Amendment.

9. Learn basic survival skills, sewing, knitting, canning and preserving food, engine repair, electronics repair, ect..

10. Get into the habit of maintaining your own inner calm, do not allow yourself to get into a panic, where you are unable to think clearly in an emergency situation.

11. Educate others as best you can, around you, family, friends, ect..and good luck.

You will know the recession is over when the gas stations and grocery stores are closed due to being sold out. Thats when the panic sets in. Most likely if you are reading this, you need to worry more about the panic in others than in yourself. Learn how to be invisible, and above all, stay calm, in order to be able to access dangerous situations and people properly, so that one can apply the proper amount of retaliatory force to alleviate the threats.

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