Rangel wrangels his way out of court.

Charles W Rangel, Congressman from Criminalville, House Ways and Means tax policy standard-bearer, cheated on his taxes in multiple ways, multiple times…. and now does not have to go to court. Why? Because he is Ruling Class. Why? Because he agreed to admit to  doing illegal, wrong, things, and then got out of any court date. The rest of us subjects would be slung up, tarred and feathered by the IRS for doing the things Rangel did, without a jury, no doubt. But a Ruling Class-man sits above us cowardly mongrel pheasants. Thats nice.

The Left Lockstep Apologists of course will work to get Charlie another decade or two in the House, and keep him on powerful committees there, because he’s “Chuck”…a “hero of the people”…or so the spin goes.

Theres not much time left. Rangel is no exception among House Reps in Congress. He’s the rule.

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