A Century of Central Banking

The latest from LvMI…

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2 Responses to A Century of Central Banking

  1. joe says:

    A fun debate -Should the United States sell Texas to the highest bidder ?

  2. able2cog says:

    I don’t think there can really be a viable answer to a silly question like selling Texas to recover debt. Or selling “Texas” at all. One has to erase the very ideas of Individualism and Property Rights in order to even consider such a debate. Property cannot be sold by non-owners. Its not a “sale”, but simply “theft”. Individuals cannot be excluded from their individualism and be mashed into a collective ‘sale’ from one entity to another without their consent, otherwise it simply is not a “sale” but the tyranny of slavery. The premise of the question and topic of that debate are that the nature of man is of a slave and nothing more, at best, or that individuals do not exist, that individualism is some silly notion. Many of the disagreements are even worse than the question.

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