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The Aquariums of Pyongyang, book review

Its been a while since I have read this one, but it has been “one of those books” that has stayed with me since reading it. Basically it is an autobiographical account of one mans journey out of North Korea, … Continue reading

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Blue Raspberry Slushies

I could have found my cloaked cork popper and gone for a glass of chilled wine. I could have reached into the lower back of the fridge for an ice cold Fosters brew. I could have had a glass of … Continue reading

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“The Edge”, a movie review

The Edge (circa late nineties) just might be my favorite movie. An adventure tale starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin, this movie delivers the action, the scenery, the storyline, and the ‘bear’. Hopkins, a billionaire, plus entourage, take a detour … Continue reading

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Rand Paul and The CRA

Senator Dr. Rand Paul (son of Rep. Dr. Ron Paul) recently pointed to a moral flaw in the Civil Rights amendment. And I agree. As the Tea Parties first elected politician ( a Senator no less) Rand Paul simply stated … Continue reading

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Burn After Reading, a quick movie review

What happens when you combine a US Marshal who has never discharged his weapon,and who begins working on a secret contraption in his basement. A personal fitness coach who is obsessed with her body as it ages well into her fifties. And, an alcholic … Continue reading

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Ludwig Von Mises

It’s very rare to find economists who are not some tyrant’s or some bureaucracy’s tool. But they do exist. While Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations) and much later Carl Menger(Principles of Economics), Bastiat (The law), Say(Say’s Law), ect, were great ones, Ludwig Von Mises … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the future of mankind.

  So much has changed so fast in the area of human inventiveness that I thought I would just jot down some thoughts on this. The hard drive has improved about 1 million times per bang for your buck, since … Continue reading

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