Who says abolish socialism?

I do.

Start with this massive Health Care Takeover Bill, then on to social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare assistance, food stamps, and  public education. When I say abolish, I mean, abolish, defund, and reaffirm the constitutional principles which do not allow the federal government to enslave us to a collective yolk.

The only moral function of government at any level, any where, is the protection of Individual Rights. This means, police, courts of law, and a common defense against foreign aggression. It does not mean a rationed goods and services provider at the expense of some to the benefit of others. Goods and services are not “Individual Rights”. No matter yo-yos or bread and water.

I say abolish socialism, because I say, abolish slavery. The New Slavery today, is collectivism, and all its forms, welfare state, police state, nanny state, world state, ect…

To the ruling class, the empowerment of the individual against the collective, is now officially (in their propaganda statements), “racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic outclassed and outdated drivel from the subjects”.

The Tea Parties seek to overthrow the ruling class political parties of Democrats AND Republicans. No major Political Party in a Free State should be Pro-Tyranny. Right now, over 90 percent of both Parties are of, by and for, the Ruling Class. As the tyrants become more exposed, and see their own power begin to slip, they will pull out all the stops, witness the recent claim by the Democrats that Tea Parties are GOP, and GOP is Tea Parties. Now they know better than this, they just don’t want you to. Status Quo, thats what the banks want, thats what both major political parties want, and thats what Americans are becoming fed up with.

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