Documentary -The rise fall and future of conservatism

Britt Hume’s, “The Right All Along” trailer…–future-of-conservatism-/

Much of this documentary focuses on the populism, and anti-populism, of the right, the glitz, glamour, the people, the political wrestling internally and externally. The issues are all touched on but not too in-depth. It dusts the book shelves of the history of the modern right. Fundamental ideas are mentioned, but produced as if they are the wallpaper in a room full of matching people. I don’t recall the phrase “Individual Rights” (the bedrock of freedom) even being casually mentioned. My conclusion is that this documentary is an attempt by the old right, the sort of Pre-Tea Referee Right, to align or consolidate the religious right, with the less religious, more economically focused tea party New Right. It may be a cleverly veiled long advertisement for Gingrich or Romney-2012. A subtle fox news style reminder that the “old” referee right is still in charge of the grand “old” party..and that tea party New Right individualists can each be taken along for the ride in a long bus, with each tea partier given his own seat, albeit, in the back half of the bus.

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