Two tales, good v. evil.

A excerpt of a conversation follows below. It is between a father and his questioning young boy traveling a long road through a nightmarish world of unimaginable evil., they are afraid, cold, and starving. This is from Cormac McCarthy’s book (of which the above movie trailer) ‘The Road” is based on, from 2009.

” There are good guys. You said so.


 So where are they?

They’re hiding.

Who are they hiding from?

From each other.

Are there lots of them?

We dont know.

But some.


Is that true?

Yes. That’s true.

But it might not be true.

I think it’s true.


You dont believe me.

I believe you.


I always believe you.

I dont think so.

Yes I do. I have to.”

The following passage is from the book “The Stand”, (above trailer-made into a movie in 1994) by Stephen King. The conversation is an early morning one between settlers in a newly refurbished town where they hope to put “the power” back on and return to some semblance of a normal living after a massive plauge wipes out most of the worlds population.

“Big day today!

How so?

Ohhhh, the power station, oh yea.

I can’t believe you forgot dat.

I didn’t forget it…I blocked it out. The plauge took the people but it couln’t take the gadgets could it. No, there all still out there. Everything from electric can-openers to Cobalt Bombs, just waiting for someone to come along and pick them up. And the scavenger hunt, starts today.

Ah hell professor, whats so bad bout puttin’ the rocks back in peoples scotch?

It’s the Old Way. And the Old Way, was a death trip.

That’s a lil’ heavy don’t cha’ think?

Do you? There’s an old woman down there who might tell you different East Texas…”

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