Who is, John Galt?

Documentary in the making…soon to be released…

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3 Responses to Who is, John Galt?

  1. joe says:

    Even though Californians on Nov 2 decided they prefer the fire to the frying pan, they now somehow must have realized they are not burning up fast enough.

  2. joe says:

    The far left tips their hand, showing us why “compromise” with them is a game of folly, and is specifically defined by them as a one way street.
    “The White House “fundamentally” doesn’t get that “the only way to get Republicans to deal in good faith is to fight them, crush them and teach a lesson that if Republicans are on the wrong side of an issue there will be consequences … so it makes sense to negotiate,” Green said.”

    “Green said independents who voted Republican in the midterms would move back to Obama if he supported “progressive change.”
    Definition of insanity, anyone ?

  3. able2cog says:

    An uphill battle for crack-compromise addicted needle streaked Republicans, for sure.

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