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What went wrong with Reagan.

Reagan arrived with an entourage of economists who said that big government and government spending was inefficient, wasteful, and did damageĀ conditions that it purported it would cure. None made a moral case in economics, that a man had a right … Continue reading

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The Austrian Economists and the future of America.

While Washington power brokers are busy telling us whats best for us, nudging us into oblivion, the Austrian economists are growing in numbers and popularity. It is a race against time, many Americans have acclimated to statism andĀ  welfare state … Continue reading

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Controlled Grazing

A welfare state busys itself through rationing and reallocation of resources and funding. As Bill Gates has recently seconded in an interview, to paraphrase, “we can keep from laying off three teachers by cutting grannys life-prolonging medical care“. I recall … Continue reading

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