Paid not to work for two years?

Those days are coming to an end apparently..those milking out unemployement 365 vacation pay are going to have to start working again. Will they? Or is there another type of check they can draw?

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4 Responses to Paid not to work for two years?

  1. joe says:

    Wonder who will pay their dues ?

  2. joe says:

    Ever feel that you are in a sick nightmare, and screaming at the top of your lungs, but just cannot wake up ?
    BLOOD PRESSURE WARNING; Watching the entire video may cause lasting health effects

  3. joe says:

    Did the UN cause the cholera outbreak in Haiti ?

  4. joe says:

    Van Helsing nails the problems with education right on the head.
    See, when educrats succeed at removing excellence from education in the name of fairness or whatever, the bar will then have been lowered for everyone, including teachers.
    What do we end up with ? Union teachers paid not to work.

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