When defendants smile and hug their lawyers in Terrorist Trials

Time is running out, this, from The Blaze…


And from CAPMAG…


I have an idea…

Lets give them a right to a “speedy” trial…

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6 Responses to When defendants smile and hug their lawyers in Terrorist Trials

  1. joe says:

    Uhh Huh, Gerson, when he finally makes a decision, you can take it to the bank. After all, he is “non-political”, and “thoughtful”. Thankfully he is not like those political firebrands, comming to hasty conclusions about those in Obama’s inner ring. From Feburary of this year;
    Good thing Gerson is on top of this

  2. joe says:

    The left is now attempting to turn the new molestation rules at airports into a Conressional authority, rather than executive, through the implication that since Boehner is exempt from it while he splurges by flying commercial, rather than sacrificing himself to those horrible military private flights, he is responsible for your “junk” being jerked.
    Get it, the new Republican house, which has not even been seated yet is already responsible for all things bad.

  3. able2cog says:

    This may be the Obamacrats new strategy, just blame it on ‘the gop’, since they have a majority in the House. Inflation? Bush-echo, and new gop house. TSA molestation? Bush-echo, and new gop house. Tax Increases? Global Climate disasters? Earthquakes? Floods? Corruption? Charlie Rangel? It’s Bush-echo, and new gop house!

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