Whats wrong with the (new) Republicans ?

Whats wrong with leftism is what is wrong with theft, it’s immoral to claim property you have not earned, even if you say it is to pay poor Paul, punish rich Peter, or eliminate any number of have-not-isms in society.

Hannity interviews a newly elected House member here.



The problem I see is that Noem suggests the young be able to buy(opt) out of social security. Since socialism security is the very definition of involuntary theft (it’s not an “option”) why would Noem not make the moral case against theft? She simply implies , as many Republicans do, that social security needs to be conserved into the future by being made more efficient, cutting bennys, opting out the young, rationing spendy ball joints, ect. Of course this will “save” socialism security. Any program or buero  can last longer by obtaining more funds than doling out expenses. Theres no scarcity of efficiency experts among good Republicans. The problem is that social(ism) security is still theft. It is still immoral in the sense that it is unethical to force someone to pay into a “plan” they want no part of, whether they benefit from it or not. Whats the whole point of adulthood? This likely may be applied to O-bomb-a-Care, where Republicans, professed Conservatives, will look at the rationing elements and announce that they would like to Conserve Rationing of Care!  Of course, then, repeal the other parts. The idea that people are not cattle? Lost.

The same thing that is wrong with the Left is what is wrong with most elements of the right. A refusal to address the very spirit of the Constitution and Declaration, aka, Individual Rights, and what Individual Rights mean.

One cannot live (think and act) properly under tyranny, no matter the efficient or directness of application. Life, liberty, and property come first, or all is lost. Social Security is a violation of property rights, as is O-Bomb-A Care and Republicans are hell-bent on making sure these programs  are also a violation of life and liberty as well. Hand in hand with Democrats, they will save them all and destroy all that is sacred in the name of all that is profane.

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2 Responses to Whats wrong with the (new) Republicans ?

  1. joe says:

    See, you people in Minnesota are never going to get anywhere if you keep focusing on small potatoes like individual bags of votes. Out here in the Empire States, we do things in a big way. We find entire voting machines weeks after the polls have closed.

  2. joe says:

    more Christie porn

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