Enough is enough

Ron Paul introduces a bill on the house floor reguarding submissiveness, the TSA, and federal employee legal immunity. Groping should no longer be made legal for federalis.

Later on Cavuto…

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2 Responses to Enough is enough

  1. joe says:

    Irresponsibility vs enabling it.
    Apparently Mr Boehner has already committed himself to the role of simply warming the chair until the next hard left Congress conveins.
    He has assumed the role nicely of simply paying for the left’s reckless spending while the remaining Dems sit back, watch all hell break loose, and do nothing to reconcile for their own spending.

    Raise the debt ceiling ? Obama already has the tools in place, the mandates from the former Congress to blow through any debt ceiling like crap through a goose. What then ? Be responsible, and raise it some more ?
    This reminds me of the kid with the shiny new credit card. He decides his responsibility ends when the limit is passed. Responsibility has already been ravaged. The parents now have a choice. Taking the card away is just a “duh” moment, it stops the bleeding. But when the parents grant him amnesty by allowing him to keep his ill-gotten booty, they run the risk of having a thirty somthing care-free doofus show up one day in his new Jag, to show them the final notice on his eviction.
    Boehner has not even taken the gavel yet, but he has already managed to plant the first seed that insures the day is coming when he hands it back to Pelosi, and a new den of thiefs.

  2. able2cog says:

    Boehner is typical of most Republicans in that they see themselves as saviors of socialism, saving it for (and temporarily “from”,) the socialists. He’s dyed in the wool Fabian, and the left loves these types. Slow the regression to caves and clubs, let people acclimate, baby-steps, gradual school. Unanimously voted as House Speaker by Republicans as well, I might add.

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