El-al,unions, and self-reliance.

Is this who you are? Who knows security? Prep today for tomorrow.

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  1. joe says:

    While the citizens of this country are busy at airports trying to keep this administration’s staff full of perverts and their policies from copping a quick feel, might I point out option number two, the x-rated x-ray machines and who is getting rich on them.

    Huff Po’ers response ?
    Serves you right, you rotten Americans
    Dont like your junk touched ? Blame a Republican


  2. joe says:

    On display here is an op-ed from Matt Miller that at first glance appears to be the typical self loathing rant all to common on the left.
    But he actually helps to expose the stark differences between conservatism and the left, and why the left rejects outright, the concept of American exceptionalism.
    “Does anyone else think there’s something a little insecure about a country that requires its politicians to constantly declare how exceptional it is? A populace in need of this much reassurance may be the surest sign of looming national decline.”
    Could the concept of American exceptionalism be replaced with a simple collective chant of “we’re number one” ?
    “Conservatives assail Barack Obama for his alleged indifference to it. It’s part of their broader indictment of Obama’s fishy cosmopolitanism, his overseas “apology tours,” his didn’t-wear-the-flag-lapel-pin-until-he-had-to peevishness. Not to mention the whole anti-colonial Kenyan resentment thing the president’s got going.

    Real men – real Americans – know America is the greatest country ever invented. And they shout it from the rooftops. Don’t they? ”
    Well, maybe if he did wear that flag-pin on those apology tours once in a while, those ungrateful citizens may remember just who elected him.
    “Let me be clear, because I know the mail’s coming. I love my country, and cherish that America was founded on the ideals of liberty, equality and self-government. We’re imperfect – who isn’t? – but always in the process of evolving toward that “more perfect union.” So I write this as a patriot. ”
    So let me get this straight, recognizing the ideals of liberty, equality(of opportunity I presume), and self government makes you a patriot, but does not make this country exceptional ?
    “You can tell a lot about a country by what it requires its politicians to do to win. In Switzerland, do candidates have to proclaim that “Switzerland is the greatest nation ever created in human history”? In Brazil, do ambitious pols insist that “Brazil is the most special country ever to grace the world”? ”
    Thats right, and you can tell a lot about France when they loot and riot over the eminant demise of their precious welfare state. When the French protestor throws that brick through a window, is he feeling patriotic ? Or does he feel the former France was more exceptional ? Would his concept of exceptionalism have anything in common with Sarah Palin’s ?
    “Americans believe with all their heart,” said Marco Rubio upon winning his Senate race, “that the United States of America is simply the single greatest nation in all of human history, a place without equal in the history of all of mankind.”

    Would you have felt better if he would have channeled his inner Michelle and literally called it a “mean” country until it elected him ?
    “As it happens, the congregation we belong to in Los Angeles is “reconstructionist,” meaning it adapts Jewish thinking to modern life. One of Reconstructionism’s chief tweaks has been to reject the idea of “chosenness” altogether. I’m sure some Jews frown on this edit, preferring to retain the idea of Jewish exceptionalism”
    So after two thousand plus years of people following the Torah, that would make your “reconstructionist” religion ——Wait for it—–exceptional ?
    “The conservative use of American exceptionalism as a political sword today is perversely revealing. There’s something off when the first generation of Americans that is less educated than its parents feels a deep need to be told how unique it is. Or that a generation that’s handing off epic debts and a chronically dysfunctional political process (among other woes) demands that its leaders keep toasting its fabulousness.”
    Let me guess, never been to a tea party, or payed too close of attention to the last election, have we ?
    Where does the left search for exceptionalism ? In the 08 elections ? Obama himself ? (He certainly finds himself exceptional. )
    The former “dysfunctional” Democrat congress ? The bills they passed to cause all that “epic debt”. Government itself ? Small wonder the left rejects the concept.
    Where do Conservatives find exceptionalism ? America.

  3. able2cog says:

    Yea, check out my post “America” with Whittle who nails it again.

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