Capital hunkers down.

There are consequences for choking, whipping, basting, and broiling your goose that lays golden eggs, as explained in the following clip…

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2 Responses to Capital hunkers down.

  1. joe says:

    As far as uncertainty, a short call to my accountant can attest to that. I called to inquire on the cap on capital allowance, or the amount that can be deducted for capital purchases (machinery, buildings, ect) in the same year it was purchased. It was not too long ago that this limit was in the thirty thousand range, but he immediately informed me that it was four hundred somthing thousand, but then after checking again he found that it has been raised again, to five hundred thousand. He then informed me that this limit was supposed to be going down sharply this year, but Washington must have figured the economy needs a boost and some quick business capital expenditures should do the trick. After a discussion on how a successful business plans for years in advance, not just for a quarter, especially in regards to these capital investments, we both agreed that it is this very kind of uncertainty, the thought that next year all bets are off, that is causing the problem.
    See, he could not help advise me for even next year, which is only a month away, let alone five, or ten. This uncertainty affects me, and my business is small. One could only imagine how this affects a large business, with teams of accountants who require hard numbers to provide solid planning. And I have not even discussed tax rates yet.
    Then there is the psychological aspect. When the left, and particularly Obama swept into office, they brought a sort of virus with them. This virus, which was used by them to gain power, was and is still to this day, elections notwithstanding, now exploited to attempt to solidify that power. But a side effect of this virus is that it acts as a repellent to success to those at the bottom who formerly may have had the aspirations to succeed. It also shames those in the middle, from thoughts of furthering their condition. But it’s most insideous effects are felt because of what they do to the appearance of those who have succeeded. No longer are they looked at as people to be emulated. This virus attacks by contorting the vision of those on the bottom and in the middle from viewing what was formerly success, turning it into a grotesque monster, with weeping pustules, one eye, and oozing slime.
    This virus is also known as “class envy”. Society is trained, through the media, politicians, and popular culture, to be repelled by success, and to actually HATE those who have earned it.
    A business, particularly in the retail and service sector, relies heavily on it’s image. I can recall advertisements from the past where they sold the notion that they were actually loosing money if you purchased their product. This was not so coincidentally when this class envy virus was introduced to society. But now, with the introduction of the all knowing, all powerfull, literally promising to chop down anyone who rises too high, the virus is winning the battle.
    But there is also something even more insideous at play here. Many of the largest companies in the US have realized that if they mutate themselves, they can literally attach their companies to this host for a free ride up, rendering themselves immune to this virus by directly attaching themselves to it.
    You see, the real weeping pustule of a monster calls itself socialism, and it survives not by making everyone “equal” but by draining the very life blood of those it “proclaims” to save, and feeds this life blood to itself, and the chosen few who are able to attach themselves to it . The cycle then continues itself by scattering crumbs to gather the support of those the virus has infected. Socialism can be defined as a super-parasite. It literally “farms” the masses, graciously allowing them to survive, but harvesting anything, and everything above that to feed itself. The chosen few companies that are allowed to attach themselves are there to supplement itself, because Socialism in its purest form cannot survive, it withers and dies. Hence the conflicting message, hate for companies such as Walmart, and Burger King, yet not for GE. Hence Obamacare for all, except select companies, and unions.

  2. able2cog says:

    If Healthcare Obamastyle accomplishes anything before it is repealed in 2013, it may just manage to kill every small business in America for the big corps that get waived around it. Marx frowns, Mussolini grins.

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