Thank the ones responsible, then submit.

See me, Feel me.

Homeland Security, the TSA, and Submission, in the era of Obama.

Give me liberty, or give me a bus ticket.

There can be no question, in the end, “your” money through taxation, and currency devaluation, is “not” their primary goal. “YOUR” submissiveness is. This video depicts the very core nature of statists, and statism, in full regalia. The premise behind the founding of this country was that each individual had a right to live for his or her own sake, and for the sake of their own chosen values… that your life belongs to you, that you OWN your own life. Statists (ie-Democrats, Leftists, Socialists, Communists, Moonbats, ect) would disagree, the brilliance of this mosaic clip is that it shows the sheer perverse, degradation of individuals by their own government (which was chartered to ‘protect’ individual rights). Politicians complain about all the “un”funded mandates out there…well here’s one that’s funded.

The “system works” alright, and there’s nothing quite like seeing a mother comfort her child in order to acclimate him to the fascist State he is heading for.

Chickens at the animal shelter, (head shake), chickens at the animal shelter.

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