In states, tea is strongest.

Socialism was repealed in state level elections Tuesday as well. Republicans picked up 680 state legislative seats across the nation. How big is that? Eye of The Newt-ter Revolution circa 1994, Republicans picked up 472. After Watergate, in 1974, Democrats picked up 628 state legislature seats. Republicans now control 14 more state house chambers, than they did on Monday. And in 26 states, Republicans control both chambers of the legislative at state levels. In New Hampshire, pop. 1.3 million, (largest state legislature, and most localized one in the nation), Republicans have about 75% of the state house, and about 80% of the NH state Senate.

Ground up, tea is richest in the more local elections, and weakest in the more nationalized ones, ie, statewides like MA, and Nev.

National elections…|10356|2010%20election%20results%20map||S||5034313150


Ofcourse, it still ALL means nothing if Republicans are unable to cut the naval cord premise’ of the left when it comes to individualism and capitalism.

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2 Responses to In states, tea is strongest.

  1. joe says:

    But maybe people do not need any party to cut the navel cord of the left’s premises.
    For instance . Take class envy. In the solid blue state of Washington, the so-called Robinhood tax sponsored by Bill Gates and funded to the hilt by unions went down in flames by a 2-1 margain.

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