Can Democrats Fix The Economy?

Yesterdays elections have shown, that while many seats in the house, and a few in the Senate and State Govenors seats went Republican, many other seats are going or staying Democrat. People still have faith in Democrats in many areas, even after a dismal stimulus-plan result and creeping inflation.

But can these Democrats fix anything? Not if they think tax increases, deeper debt,  and targeted subsidies and tax breaks are the way to do so. The faith many have in Democrats is just that, “faith”, a feeling or belief, based on anything OTHER THAN  fact. Fact-based economic thinking is not a Democrat strong point.

So what will it take to break that faith? Cult de-program intervention, of the Tea Party varient. But right now, tea party types are still defending free market economics by saying…”free market capitalism is more efficient than anything else”. Few make the moral case for capitalism, in fact, many are repeled by the idea of capitalism without adding several coats of altruism. It’s called moral and intellectual cowardice.

“Well, we have to be fair”, or “at some point, business must be kept in check”, are famous, popular quotes from the pragmatic right. Another is “sacrifice”, and yet another is “civic duty”. The left loves hearing the right talk economics like that. They know that their premise has been sold, when a Free Cheese’r- FDR -‘Catolic’ (Catholic) -Republican rants about the evils of “capitalism”, and then extolls the efficiency and ‘lesser evil’, of “free-enterprise”.

The Democrats can fix the economy alright, lets step aside and watch Jerry Brown do it in California. Mark my words, if you think things in California are bad now…”you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet”. It won’t be long before U-Hauls simply become unavailable in the Golden State. I can already see refugee camps, and hiking nomads across that punishing southern desert.

On a brighter note, the elections are over, and it is time for the Tea Parties to look at successes and failures, where local elections went to tea, and many statewides, went to pot.

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2 Responses to Can Democrats Fix The Economy?

  1. joe says:

    A perfect example
    The Dem’s may be out and their policies rejected, but the myth of Keynesianism lives on to haunt us

  2. joe says:

    BTW here is Krugman in all his glory musing about being economic dictator
    Twenty eight percent inflation by 2015 ?
    “What am I talking about? Something like a commitment to achieve 5 percent annual inflation over the next 5 years — or, perhaps better, to hit a price level 28 percent higher at the end of 2015 than the level today. (Compounding) Crucially, this target would have to be non-contingent — not something you’ll call off if the economy recovers. Why? Because the point is to move expectations, and that means locking in the price rise whatever happens”

    This is not economic policy, this is economic punishment.

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