2010 Voter Guide, eleven tips.

1. Wealth belongs to those who have earned it, not those who “need” it.

2. The United States was founded as a Republic, not a Democracy.

3. You own your own life, in spite of what others may claim.

4. Capitalism, properly defined, is mutual exchange to mutual benefit with consent by all parties involved. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and other systems, total or mixed, require force to be wielded, which is a violation of individual rights.

5. Individual Rights, are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In a proper Republic, the role of government is the protection of individuals from force and fraud, not the perpetuation of force and fraud. Individuals are then free to use their greatest resource, The Mind.

6. A mind, must be left free, in order to think rationally and make decisions that are of optimal benefit to an individual’s life, survival and values.

7. Regulations, taxation, political corruption, and invading armies, are examples of violations of individual rights and prevent the needed  environment  individuals require to think freely.  To fully, properly, rationally, function..one must be able to “think”.

8. Political Parties are only as good as the people within them. Since 2006, the Democrat Party has been in control of Congress, since 2008, it has been in control of the White House. Under both parties, federal scope of power, and spending have worsened considerably. “Force”, has been on the rise, and “Minds” have been under assault. Many, but  not all, Republican Party candidates this year are pro-tea party. Therefore, right now, for those in favor of Individual Rights, a vote for Republicans is a vote for a Tea Party victory, and a vote against statism and economic slavery, even if the candidate is hideous.

9. The principle of Individual Rights, and the sanctity of the individuals own free mind, are pivotal points in this battle against the anti-mind, anti-freedom, statists who dominate the current Democrat Party. Many in the Republican Party will seek to water down that principle with pragmatism, or conrete-bound sound bites. This battle does not end at the ballot box this Tuesday, we must hold Republican establishment politicians feet to the fire.

10. The “Right”, in general, represents productive ability, and favors productive achievement via free market principles. The “Left” , in general, represents “need above ability” and favors redistributive action against the producers, for the looters, by government edict, backed by force. Individuals cannot function properly as thinking beings, with a gun pointed in their face. Contrary, minds flourish in a base of peace and prosperity. Our government was instituted as a limited force wielding protector against the initiation of physical force, or fraud, of its citizens. There can be no doubt it now acts contrary to the spirit of The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the founders intentions.

11. Ideas matter, and in revolutionary times, ideas are essentially all that matters. It is time for Americans to begin a long discussion on the principles that founded this last, best hope for mankind, America. Mankind is basically good. America is the greatest nation on earth. And every political position can be addressed as : “Is it pro-individual rights, and pro-mind?,  Or,  is it pro-force, and anti-mind?”

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