A specific plan.

          The statist rank and file politicians in Washington and in most state and local governments have adopted what appears to them, a lock solid argument that if they are deposed, and their betters elected, things will ‘get worse’, as “they” (this new opposition)have no ‘specific plan’. Plan for whom? Well, no specific plan for each of the various victim groups, ethnic groups, earnings groups, ect. That’s whom. Leftists never address individuals unless they, even in abstract, represent some “group”. Individuals “don’t exist” for all intents and purposes, to the left. Now, that works out just fine for the non-productive parasites who hang on to their productive hosts for incomes and free perks, but it spells disaster for the productive, majority, of Americans. For all intents and purposes, Bush Two, was and is, a collectivist. Obama, three times the collectivist as Bush Two, gives the gift of ideological clarity to the productive, working, American individual by accelerating every Bush policy, contrary to what the left might say about this disaster always being “Bush’ fault.”

          In the end, there are no groups, only individuals. There is only one reality, and it is what matters,  a world built on facts, and mounds of evidence that collectivism simply ignores because in a collectivists eyes, individuals are inconvenient. There can be no “specific plan” about how one, “wakes up”, or how one “shovels a sidewalk”. The goal is to just wake up, get out of bed, and shovel the damn sidewalk. There is order there, one must wake up first before one gets out of bed. (Educate the people on the evils of collectivism.) One must get out of bed before one can shovel the snow off of the sidewalk. (Run pro-American, anti-collectivist candidates, and get them into office.)

          Many Democrats are now calling for an ideological “truce”, asking for compromise, and a toning down of the (tea induced) “anger”. Productive individuals paying attention know what this means, it means they want the GOP to tighten the lips of these few new principled Senators and Representatives Elect, so that Obama, the “leader”, can slip things through to cover his parasites needs. Nothing to these guys is ever “earned”, there are only “needs”. One thing the left is in no short supply of is specific plans. Even a plan to accuse the Republicans taking many of their seats, ‘of not having..a specific plan.’ And then of course, there’s help for this group of vagrants over here with no health insurance, and that collective group over there with no plan to pay their mortgage, and this handful of glad-handers over there with a desire for higher wages without the prerequisite of having to “earn” those higher wages. Collectivists can only tinker with a dying or dead engine, kicking the tires and blaming “being stranded” on a pothole instead of the empty fuel tank, or the fouled spark plugs. All this, while they plan to promise a better “future” (futures are always “better” under tyranny, it keeps the figureheads in control), and they ponder with the tires, scratching their Marxist beards, arranging the lug nuts on them while the fuel tank remains empty. The left is full of specific plans on how to run our lives, via chunks of individual groups at a time. They have more plans than the KGB and CIA combined at the zenith of the Cold War. Many of the better candidates who will be swept into office in two weeks, simply do not hold a candle to the leftists doing Obama’s bidding when it comes to “planning”. Leftists always plan. Leftists always act. And it is, and always will be, against the interests of “the individual” and toward the furthering of their own political power. Parasites are simply useful idiots for redistributive CHANGE.

          To a leftist, it is a dastardly idea that one would make a claim to the right to what one has earned. Individuals exist to serve the state, and its oligarchs with “best” laid “plans” for the “rest of you”. There can be only one viable plan for those on the right wanting the American economic engine off her knees. And that plan should be, for politicians, officials, and regulatory buffoons, to simply, “get the hell, out-of-the-way”. Or, wake up, get out of bed, shovel sidewalk. And not, wake up to the second alarm clock, rise from the bed, put turtleneck sweater on, start green tea, wash  down Prozac with green tea, log on to Huffington Post, check daily narrative, choose from six different shovels, use none, skip shoveling, and go back to bed. (By the way-for leftists-a good plan on November 2nd, 2010.) If the looters and parasites do not “get the hell out-of-the-way”, the productive will simply, move them out-of-the-way, likely, within the next three major voting cycles. That is as specific as it needs to be.

           The Republican Party has been stepping aside for the tea party, now its the Democrats turn to do the same. Nothing upsets a Central Planner more, than being told to stop planning, one may as well cut to the chase and let them know, that hey.. “you don’t matter”.

     And it is true.

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