A picture, and a thousand words.

Now this is from the IRS’ own statistics.

TheĀ top half of all income earnersĀ are an asset to the government, the bottom half of all income earners are a liability. When is the bottom half going to be an asset?

Have a nice week!

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2 Responses to A picture, and a thousand words.

  1. The Deziel Theory says:

    Again, you have illustrated a progressive tax structure. Even a flat tax structure would result in disproportionate amounts.

    Do you advocate for a highly regressive tax structure, which would even-out that chart?

  2. able2cog says:

    I advocate a 100% voluntary tax structure. Guess who controls the budget amount and disbursements then? The payers…God forbid, who do “payers” think they are(?)..such arrogance! Involuntary taxation is for willfull slaves. I’m not interested in the regressive or progressive brands of involuntary taxation, this would be equal to debating what degrees and forms of slavery are acceptable. Oh yes, and since I am ‘not’ an anarchist I will voluntarily send a minimum of 5 % of my income to police, courts of law, and the military. An anarchist would probably be taking 5% of his income and investing it in molotov cocktails, fecal throwing bags, and gas masks. Of course, if one is sympathetic to the Housing and Urban Development cause, then they would be free to throw their own hard earned money down that rat hole all they wish, I won’t stop them.

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