Hard Tyranny, Prozac vs. Police

Just running some numbers here and found out some interesting things…

There are about 700,000 “total” police officers in the United States


And there are about 2.5 million US soldiers, in the US and abroad.


Thats about one police officer (including pencil pushers, baliffs, ect) or soldier (including national guardmans and reservists) for every one hundred others.

In an s.h.t.f. scenario, where lets say, rule of law, breaks down, at least partially, due to say, a period of hyperinflation (50%+ price increases per year), which is the most likely trigger today… who do Americans need to worry about more? That 1% police and military? Or the 20% currently on psycotropic medications in our population, now unable to get their pills? There is tyranny, it exists, and it can worsen. But it’s source is not always the men and women who wear uniforms. They are outnumbered by at least their own numbers in prison inmates, and many times over their numbers in panicing boobus domesticus.

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One Response to Hard Tyranny, Prozac vs. Police

  1. joe says:

    This thief is back up on capital hill in a recess hearing now pedaling her plan to confiscate your 401k to

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