As things get worse

     The economic situation is slowly worsening, signed and delivered home sales are way down, job creation is still hampered by regulation and taxation by the (people s ?) government, and taxes (on income) are about to go up, starting in January. Businesses are getting ready to hunker down even more. A fact of life is that about 20% of the population is lazy. Each workplace varies, some jobs have 35% lazy people, some, less than 2%, depends on where you work. Right now unemployment is at about 10%, and while many of those people are definitely NOT lazy, I bet a high percentage are. Often it is the lazy ones, that 20%, give or take, that are “let-go” at the onset of an economic slow-down. This makes perfect business sense. It widens profits and holds the good, exceptionally hard, efficient workers in employment. Many have been collecting unemployment for two years, based on much of what I hear, they are holding out for easy, high paying jobs, that are better than their current situations of 365 days per year of “paid”vacation. So they sit and draw a check. “Drawing a check” has essentially become a new industry unto itself. Retail businesses have noticed spikes in sales, higher than the historical spikes, now at the beginning of each month. And check “drawers” have become more ravenous in their need to do less, and draw “more”. Disability “claims” are way up. Over 40 million Americans are now on food stamps. And it is the producers who prop all this up, who hold it in play so that the “drawers” can continue to sustain their 365 day paid vacation lifestyles.

     Because this depression began with the housing crisis, many Americans are not willing to move. It would mean selling, or abandoning their homes for available work further away. During the last (government induced) depression in the 1930’s, whole swaths of the population left their families to be able to send money home, to keep them alive. Men were men. Todays boobus domesticus male providers are (many but not all) part of the sub genus, homo metro-sexus. They cannot leave, they have “house-chores” that the wife has demanded they perform, or fantasy football league gatherings, that they might “miss”, if they should seek work out-of-state/region. Homo.Metro,Sexus is certainly a castrated mule, but not yoked to labor or taxation, rather, yoked to his own mind telling him that comfort and whim are senior to production, preparation, and providing.

     As things get worse, Homo-Metro-Sexus will continue his decline away from  male-ness, and toward a sort of unic-fantasian mind-set. Really, all the “check-drawers” are going to be in for a reality adjustment as conditions worsen. The productive will literally need to rise up, and for starters, “vote”, and secondly, participate in the growing “cash-economy” to bypass (as best as possible) continued economic intrusions by government and general situational collapse. As the productive slowly wake from their slumbers, they begin to realize they are being forced to host -to the parasites- all around them, the “drawr’s” of checks. That fountain will be cut of its water and quickly dry to desert once it hits critical mass. Perhaps the parasites will have an “uprising” of their own in retaliation? However, organization, and reaching “positions of power”, require motivation, and draw’rs are busy eating Doritos and playing their Playstation.

     As “that” condition worsens, for the parasites, many will submit to ending their years-long leach upon the productive. The productive will gather, pick all those leaches off their lives, and form their own forms of union, as the parasites possess now, and solidify to protect from this ever happening again. That is, salt and perfume for those leaches now….blow torches later.

That’s when things start looking up. But , we have a long way to go. The debate still centers around whether using salt and perfume on that 50 pound leach on your back…is humane.

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11 Responses to As things get worse

  1. The Deziel Theory says:

    What is the source of your statistics? (specifically the laziness numbers)

    Your take on unemployment as a “vacation” is an interesting albeit slightly misguided idea. My state provides approximately $1000 per month in unemployment compensation. That amount is barely sufficient enough to pay rent (modest) and food (basic).

    • able2cog says:

      If you have a better estimate of percentages of lazy people, please feel free to share. Does your state also provide a discount for medical care for someone on unemployement? What approximate amount is that? Also, does your state provide food stamps? At an income of 12,000 per year, how much in food stamps could a happy vacationer expect to rake in? Take those goods and services provided, and roll them up with the 1,000 per month loot, and the take is much larger. Does your state provide low income/subsidized housing? Heating bill subsidies? Electric bill subsidies? After one adds up the totals, we could be talking about a large haul.

      • The Deziel Theory says:

        I have no estimate of “lazy”. It is an ambiguous label that seems virtually impossible to operationally define, which is why I asked about your numbers.

        Even with Section 8, Medicaid, and food stamps (at least assuming these are fringe benefits, like a 401[k]), it is no vacation. Laying blame on the individual may be appropriate in extreme cases, but not in this case. We must analyze it systemically.

        • able2cog says:

          If you have no estimate of “lazy”, I hope you can find one. If Section 8, Medicaid, and food stamps along with a payment (monthly check) for “not” producing a product are not enough to lift the burdens of a 365 day per year vacation, then I would like to know… what is? Also, who is responsible for any given individual, if individuals themselves can only be responsible in ‘extreme cases’?

    • joe says:

      Your “state” provides nothing. Money is simply transferred from those who are working (and employing) to those who are not.
      But I do not believe that unemployment compensation in and of itself is the big problem, but it’s length certainly is. What is the message being sent when we continuously extend them ? How long is too long ? Two years ? Three ? Thirty ?
      The ten percent who are unemployed now are not static. People loose jobs and find new ones all the time. Yet by extending the benefit’s over and over, do we create a mindset that can lead to a permanently unemployed class ? We all know people who have turned down work because “my unemployment pays better”.

      Sometimes employment means pulling up shop and moving to where the work is.
      Take the city of Detroit. The hollowed out shell you see today is the result of this movement. But what is freightening from a societal standpoint is not the thought of those who have moved on to greener pastures, but of what remains.
      “Lazy” is not some affliction, but a product of luxury. One must be able to afford it. We must be sure it is not purchased at the productive man’s expense.

  2. The Deziel Theory says:

    Are there free-riders? Of course, but because of significant loopholes in the system. Organizational behavior research shows that a systemic problem must be dealt with systemically. Or else long-term change will not stick.

    “Lazy” needs to be defined before it can be measured. How would you operationally define personal laziness?

  3. able2cog says:

    I define a lazy person as any individual who is “systematically, operationally disfunctional by waking choice”. An ordered loaf. To a lazy person, work must be presented, and made easy, or it quickly becomes overwhelming, and he or she will either give up the attempt at an effort, or simply never make the attempt and consequently, sustain by bleeding sustanance from those still exerting efforts. Often the “lazy” will then expect a pat on the back for their rouse. Some work jobs, many do not.
    Free-riders, are not caused by loopholes in “the system”, this would infer that essentially, the system is sound and that it simply needs a patch-job, or, tweaking. The system is a free-loaders dream, and designed specifically to make a political base of dependants for politicians to bait for votes. It is of, by, and for, the unproductive, who are unproductive by choice. “The system” is the nice sounding and intentionally disarming phrase for a “robbery in progress”, preformed by government, on behalf of some token”misfortunate collective group”, unto the rest of us.
    There are productive members of society, and unproductive members of society. It is fact that ‘the unproductive cannot exist without some production going on’, somewhere, and politicians and other officials working diligently to ensure that a portion of a productive persons sweat is transfered to the unproductive moochers account. This can be done in an ‘organized sytematic’ fashion with reforms, tweaks, polls, and grandiose behavioral studies, or not. Either way, it involves force via threat of force, or force via physical weapons drawn. The relationship is not a behavioral scientists conundrum. It is a host-to-parasite relationship involving force, pointed toward the able and productive , in the name of unspecified needs, and grievances made by nameless, faceless, benefactors who claim things like social justice, and living wages. It destroys objective achievements and ability, via punishment for their virtue through looting its results. It is the tax-funded collective brain trust, against the free, productive, able, and intelligent reasoning individual.
    Is this clear?

    • The Deziel Theory says:

      Quite clear, actually. And very Orwellian. I was hoping for a substantive argument, not arbitrary rhetoric with fabricated statistics. The Anarchist in you is easily seen.

      • able2cog says:

        Is ad hom. attack the best you can do? I remember Orwell’s 1984 as individuals enslaved from above by big. bro. Since I do not advocate a ruling class oligarchy, nor defend one, as you have, that makes me “Orwellian”? Thats for starters. Secondly, I am not an anarchist, but you accuse me of being one, again ad.hom. attack. Then you accuse me of false stats.? Where are your contradictory stats? Nowhere. It’s another ad.hom. attack. Your desperation was suppressed when you first arrived here on the scene with your high flutin’ balderdash, and now it is coming out in the open like an oozing pussing soar. You must be desperate to find someone to buy into the BS you are trying to hock, the scientific tyranny/oligarchical structure you would love to impose on the rest of us. Your ideas reak as varients of “hope and change” the economy now suffers in, of failed ideas whose time has come. If you have anything of any value to offer here, feel free, but if it’s ad.hom. personal attacks that are all you can muster, then get the hell out of here.

  4. The Deziel Theory says:

    First…I had to look up “ad hominem”. Haven’t heard it in years, forgot what it translated to. Kudos.

    Second…I like the word “balderdash”, especially when paired with “high flutin'”. Made me smile, thanks.

    Third…Your arguments are quite Orwellian, with an Anarchist’s flair. You seem to want government to stay completely out of your life. Maybe sticking to just national defense and international trade? Or gone altogether? Also, “Homo.Metro,Sexus is certainly a castrated mule, but not yoked to labor or taxation, rather, yoked to his own mind telling him that comfort and whim are senior to production, preparation, and providing” has very propaganda-ish tone to it and reminds me of the Communist Revolution in early 20th century Russia (especially those last three words). Your rhetoric is highly incendiary, but not based in fact. I like my “scientfic tyranny”, it has logic, and research, and understanding of complex issues. We also have an open bar. (Made you laugh? No? Ok, then)

    Fourth…I do stick to the fact that you post arbitrary statistics. Your “laziness” number is nothing more than an observational guess by yourself. There is no research, no “lazy” census. But, if you would like my “contradictory stats”, then 7% of Americans are lazy. Because I said so.

    Fifth…I did not intend personal attacks, I simply failed to illustrate my observations. A mistake I will not make again. But please, don’t make up numbers, my tyranny of science does not like that.

    • able2cog says:

      I am against the redistribution of wealth, and in favor of an individuals right to own their own life, if this is Orwellian to you, are you hinting that perhaps you disagree? What percentage of my life should belong to government/others/you? 20% 40%? 80%?? What an individual earns belongs to that individual, 100%, in my view. I make no claim to your wealth, a billionaires wealth, or any businesses wealth. If that sounds like Orwell’s 1984, the whole idea, you know, of an individuals right to his or her own life, then I must have missed something in the story. Explain what concept of “Orwellian” is similiar to individual rights, and liberty. Then, if a ‘ruling class’ has some right to a portion of my earnings, what portion do you think is fair? By what authority can any other person or group make any claim to my own self and earnings/property?
      You still have not given contrary info on “lazy people, by percentage”. You simply say I am wrong. Who am I to assert? How dare I assert? Is this implicitly suggesting there are “no” lazy people because laziness, in your view, cannot be defined? Perhaps in this Kantian vein, we can then say there are no truths because reality cannot be objectively defined? This would mean anything goes, make any claim, do it as argument from authority, then act on whim with justification.
      Make your claims, stop pussyfooting around and pointing fingers. Lets see that scientifically ordered utopia you have in mind for the “rest of us”.

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