Prepping for one, it’s mostly mental.

Living alone has its advantages and disadvantages. If it’s s.h.t.f., living alone has nothing but disadvantage the more one runs the various scenarios through. Theres no relief guard, no second set of eyes, no second guesser on a plan that at first sounds fool-proof. So if you are prepping for “one”, that is a mental image, a single individual should always prep with others in mind. You will not “physically” last long on the solo, so you better prep to be with others, who do not necessarily have the exact same set of importance and values as yourself, but who do need to be people you can trust with your life, even in an shtf when people tend to panic. Do not think that a pack of strangers you meet in the middle of an shtf, are going to be the people “that you can trust”. Pick your people, you should already know who they are, help prepare for them , help plan ahead. I mean, you could get lucky and run into a pack of really nice people as you solo through the woods on your way to a cave, but it’s unlikely. Most likely, you will run into a band of hungry would-be butchers, now emboldened by their hunger as they see you walking alone…and no one is looking. Would be killers become actual killers in an instant. It is very difficult…if not impossible, for one man, or one woman, to fend off a large group of people, for any extended period of time. Keep this in mind. No matter what your advantages are, the movie First Blood should not be what you think you can do. Look at the skill sets that would be needed in a mad max, or maxine scenario. Mending clothes, hitting a target with a rifle, keeping alert during a night watch, physical stealth, preserving various foods from all food groups, fixing electrical, electronic and mechanical things, fabricating woods and metals, obtaining and transporting various fuels, and importantly, knowing when you are right and wrong, and being able to realize when you have done wrong, and being able to reverse the damages to the one you have done wrong to. In life, if you cannot live a good honest life, life is really a pointless endeavor. Perhaps many do not see things that way, but prefer to see life as an opportunity game to see how many bowling pins one can knock down, or whether that hole-in-one was a just a flook, or if they can repeat it. Life is a sort of ongoing process of learning from prior mistakes, and if you are like me, you take a 155 IQ, and use it to make those same mistakes several times before you learn. Some people are not exactly smart, friendly or have a lot of foresight, but appear to be well prepped for an shtf. Some are well prepped, but might have some major drawback like an Oxycontin or alcohol addiction. Theres a guy who lives down the street from me who has an Oxycontin addiction, and when big-gov is late sending those meds, he is not stable, and likely if he lives long enough, will take out someone close to him. The paper will run the story, and blame big-oxy-contin, and say lil’ ole government was an innocent bystander. Most papers, even local ones, are run by mush minded pro statist hippies who first got their bones rolled by the anti-war, anti-man, anti-anticeptic crowds of woodstock. Never trust these papers for an accurate depiction of local events, ever. Now, there may be “some” good ones, but it’s not your local fish wrapper. But getting back to security, security is in numbers. Thats the plain truth of the matter. The military does not train ONE  person to assault a beach, it trains various groups. There is no such thing as a one man perimeter. With two, you can mark one out and take turns sleeping, three is exponentially better yet. But one man, or woman, alone, is a side of beef, waiting for the right man, or woman, to tag, bag, hang, bang, dress, and boil, saute, and mince. Don’t be that “one”. Men were meant to carve their ways through nature to better survival and to learn the art of thriving. Not to be the carvers and butchers, of each other. If one must retreat to the cave so to speak, and resort to such atrocities, to survive, one has already stopped being a member of the human race, and has become “something else”. I have seen this process take place, but more on that, in a later post. Now, the more specific likelihood, is that a mad- MAXINE scenario will run its course as we enter an era of potentially hyper-inflationary times. To get hyper-inflation, a nation must have too much currency in print, and that currency, must be circulating. We definitely have “too much” currency out their, but it just simply is NOT circulating right now. It will. Watch for a recovery coming, but it will be short-lived. Money will circulate, prices will jump, money will freeze up again. This process can go on for a long time, eventually however, in the US, there is enough currency in circulation right now to cause 50-150% price jumps in goods and services annually. Anything over 50% is “hyper-inflation”. Hyper-inflation can and will pass as well, but if government intervenes by wage freezes on the private sector, or price fixes, shortages result, and prices skyrocket. A regime full of Austrian and Chicago school economists is not in our near future, I do not believe that after 2012, that sort of advice will be sought. The ruling class on both the left and the right all subscribe to Keynesian, and worse, Marxian economic advice. In a sense, the Tea Parties are a mix of Public Choice, Chicago, and Austrian economic advisors who carry  home-made protest signs rather than Harvard MBA’s. But from here, to a point where the common sense country class is crafting legislation to get us out of a deep hole, is at least 5 years off, maybe 10. Theres enough currency in circulation to cause 50% annual price increases for multiple years. In a mad Maxine, start prepping by learning how to bake your own bread…make your own noodles, and don’t start building a giant subterranean bungalow unless you have covered the more likely scenarios. Be ready to handle price jumps where rather than 200 bucks a month for groceries, you are paying 600 bucks a month for groceries. Adjust your habits accordingly before you spend your weekends practicing “gun and run” tactics. The disaster most likely looming over us all is “economic”, and while we can debate macro-economic issues, your own personal “micro-economic” condition is everything. Figure out where you can save money and do it. Purchase a little more deep store food than you will consume this week, not a lot more, just a few extra cans. Think about basic supplies, ropes, extra paper, detergents, ect. Ask yourself this, in an emergency bug in, do I have enough things at home to keep me alive for a week? Set a goal to make that two weeks, than a month, than 3 months, than six, than a year. Little by little this is possible. And it should be fun. Otherwise, what in the hell is the point? Bury your head in the sand and go watch a football game or something for a while if it gets “less fun”, but return to the prepping mindset once that game is finished and continue on to your goals. The key to remember is that you are not John Rambo. So don’t piss off the local sheriff, esp. if he has the National Guard on-call.

 Civilization is your friend, friendship is key, sanity is tantamount.

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