Who is ‘Anti-Government’ ?

Government is nessessary, but it is not a necessary “evil” as some would call it. Those who understand the nature of government (force), also understand that it needs to be limited. How much? Everyone falls at a different level on this. Some say we need to limit total fed , state, and local governments to 10% the size of the private sector. This certainly does not qualify the label “anti-government”. It is pro-more limited government, but not “anti-government”.

In the private sector, a vendor must sell his wears through persuasion. In the government sector, while persusion is needed for 51% of the voting population, the rest must comply or ultimately meet the wrong end of a gun held by a g-man. The nature of the private sector, and the government sector are fundamentally different in this key regard. As George Washington warned, “Government is force”. George Washington was not just the first President of the United States. He was the first Great American. As general of the continental army which fought off the British crown on our soil over two centuries ago, he could have , as general, become “general-ISIMO”, or even the first King. He turned the powers he was entrusted with back over to the Congress post victory. No man had ever done this (to my knowledge) ever before in history. He warned of foreign entanglements, but he also knew the greater dangers of not bringing the fight “to” the enemy when it had to be brought on, in order to win, and preseve the union, and liberty of it’s people. I don’t think Washington would be sending occupying forces to Iraq, but I do think Saddam Hussein would have meet an earlier death “the first” time he threatened the United States, decades before. I also think that under a Washington administration, there would be no Iranian Mullahs, nor any North Korean Nukes. Domestically, I seriously doubt Washington, nor any of the founders (save for Hamilton) would have permitted an income tax. Washington, in a sense than, was pro-government, and wanted it small because he was in fact pro-government. Americans, in the first Presidency, enjoyed working 3-5 days per year to pay their direct, and indirect taxation.

Today we work for at least the first 4 months in any year to cover the expenses of government…and our government is working hard to increase that to who knows what level, once a nation approaches 100%, payments to it are in blood, because the wealth ran out long before, and time and labor ran dry more recent.

Government governs best when it governs least. Inalienable rights must never be infringed, therefor, the goods and services of others must never be traded by force of arms. Police, courts of law, and a national defense ensure this, to support these things is to be a preservationist of good government, and an ensurer of governments existence long into the future. The looters in Washington today ensure ultimately, anarchy, death, and total national destruction, all toward which their policies lead. They may be upon first glance, “pro-government”, but upon deeper contemplation on them, they are actually anti-government, anti-reason, pro-anarchy, pro-death miserable miscreants.

Government reminds and enforces the idea of where anothers freedom ends, which is when it impinges on anothers own freedom and individuality. Police intervene, courts make decisions, and an army does both in matters extending beyond our nations defined borders.

When doctors are told (by force of a gun if need be), which patients they can see, what they can charge, and how they can treat someone….when businesses are told what percentages of their own earned profits are lifted by federal, state, and local comittees, what amounts they pay in fees prescibed by larger competitors through force of government, and when individuals are told when they must wear a helmet, where they can and cannot smoke, and what they can say and not say, these actions, are destroyers of not only good government, but are destroyers of any government!

The real anti-government forces, are now currently ‘in’ government. They are mystics of Shiva, brutes with swords and pens, acting in as many various ways as possible to destroy, in the long term, any semblence of government, civilisation, and voluntary exchange between individuals. Any movement today, afoot to denouce Obam-unism, Neocon-unism, and any other ‘Un-ism is actually made up of pro-government, pro freedom, Americans with views that while varied about the “ideal”, understand the fundamental, at least, in part. That the nature of government is force (thank you George Washington), and like a fire, it must be tamed and tended to.

The economy is lapsing into a stagnation/stagflation/depressive era, and it’s government is a wildfire covering millions of square miles. We stand with small pint sized buckets of our own blood, ready to douse the edges of this inferno, and we are accused of being “anti-government”…by the men with gasoline, and matches, blow torches, and insane plans for worse. How dare these bastards accuse us. And now the question still remains…In that blood of ours, does the spirit, or the genetic code, of George Washington still exist? Will we heed his warning, and take action ? Or will we just tame the fires temporarily, and forget about them for a while, let them re-ignite, and burn the whole nation to ash?

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