Republican Nanny State

It’s no secret the  Republican Party by and large supports Nanny State legislation, and has for some time now. Smoking bans, helmet and seatbelt laws, ect…they pick out their most beloved Democratic ideas (they can’t support them all mind you, their supposed to be the loyal opposition) and they get behind said legislation, and we are worse off for it. With the elections about one month away, as many tea party candidates expect be elected into once Democrat seats as do Nanny State Republicans. The Nanny staters will still have their two party majority. Really, when one looks at nannyism in general, it’s the “ruling class” at work again. But it is something even more fundamentally hideous than ruling v country class. When a seatbelt law is passed, statists of all stipes can point to statistics later and say, “look, if we can save just ONE LIFE, it would have all been worth it.” So lives become statistics to statists. When has that ever worked out to anything other than genocide? Tibor Machan weights in on the Tea Party movement, it’s ideas and message, and it’s future here,

And at his blog,

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