Prepping for one, in a rental.

I prep for one because I am a lone right-winger. (that’ll get DHS’s attention)

Living in a rental means “be preppared more so than an ‘owner’ to bug-out. But since I do not think the likelihood of MadMax is high, I plan for a Mad-Maxine (see my earlier-post ‘Mad Maxine Scenario’) This entails a partial bug-IN. For example: Canned foods, but not one hundred bushels of wheat. That does not mean I do not plan for a long hard night, just that I have to set priorities and I am early in the prep game, so bear with me all you seasoned preppers who have 10,000 square foot carpeted caves and Patton surplus tanks.

I live in a rental, so I keep an ear to my landlords regress and progress. I also stay on good terms and pay my rent on time or a few days early, no matter what my circumstances are. I think this is of tantamount importance in an shtf scenario, mainly because money does not grow on trees that are not eastern flowering dogwoods under US Mint trust.

Everytime I go shopping I try to become as close to a version of a poor man’s “yankeeprepper” as I can. If you have not checked out Yankeepreppers videos on youtube, get started now, and watch every last one of them, he is a legend among preppers, and not an “ass-hat” (Hat-tip to the legend for that fine term). Look at cans and measure calories vs price. Measure nutrients v price. Lean toward smaller cans “on sale”, and watch the sales, sometimes a “sale” is not a sale but a close out on 2 year old canned and/or dented canned goods. Go for varity, remember, you will be stuck eating your deep cupboard rations for potentially a long time. Oysters,chicken,tuna,spam,turkey,stews, soups, clams and pickled pig toenails. Avoid dents and kinks in cans, I ate spaggetti-OOO’s from a dented can once at age 18 (foolish teen fresh out from under my parents wisdom) and was so sick I could not lean up out of bed for the side ache for 3 days, my roomates almost called an ambulence as I was turning a sort of pale greenish yellow. Remember, if you have, or think you have food poisening, seek a medical doctor, drink fluids, if neither is possible, encourage bowel movement, once you pass “it” out, a fog will lift rather rapidly and you will start feeling better quick. Now at my current age, I think I would head straight for the hospital. But don’t shy from canned goods. Rice also keeps long. Buy it in 25 pound bags, white or wild. Get used to rotating rice in your diet. It is cheap, and with the extra money, you can keep a year or two’s supply easily. keep your food in a closet if you can, someplace where its cooler, and dryer in your “rental”. Not the car trunk. Not above the stove. Keep rice in something hard like a plastic container. O2 absorbers can’t hurt. In the event of bugging out, since you do not own property, know someone who does like family. Know what you can cram in your car…NOW. Always keep the gas tank at least half full, in this age of instability. Rehearse a rapid deployment from your apartment to a friends residence. Discard or immediately consume any cans you might dent in the process. Reasons to bug OUT may include, owner bugs out, no water, no heat, storm damage, approaching fire, w.r.o.l. (without-rule-of-law) locally, restless nearby renters, incoming I.C.B.M., ect.

Lastly, on food, you can grow wheat grass on the cheap near all the windows, learn how now, get past that learning curve..asap. Wheat-berry seeds are available on the cheap, at most feed and seed stores, get some, and get some mulch and small pots…use what nature gives, and fresh wheat grass, daily, sprinkled on your food, can help boost your immune system, and your cats immune system (if you have one). I am NOT an indoor pet person myself, and speaking of immunity, I also recommend never kissing a dog, cat, nor a chicken, in the lips. Yes pets are loveable, but fleas,ticks, bacteria, viruses, worms and other parasites, are not. Common sense, don’t take Walt Disney too serious folks.

Now when it comes to security, be familiar with outside noises. Be able to differentiate the usual sounds from the unusual, or untimely sounds, of shit hitting fans, and other bad things. Keep a really good, sturdy pair of boots by the door for distance hiking, your car, as a renter, is often far removed from watchful eyes and ears, alarms can be bypassed, vandals made desperate can view unwatched cars with peaked interest. Whats your plan without a car or cell phone service? Think ahead, run scenarios in your mind. If you own an internal combustion weapon make sure it’s ok with the property owner first to keep it inside. Usually it will not be, they do not want the liability, so either keep it on the real “low, low” down, or have atleast some mace, wasps repellent, or even a long chain with a spiked ball on the end, just in case, you never know. Just get your arms in shape. Get a dog -whistle, they are cheap. Domestic dogs still have the genetic codes that tell them to fight off perceived threats. Your pink pants and code red cell phone may not be enough to repel them. Do not advertize your defensive arsenals with the guys next door. Also, you do not need tons of friends, you need a circle of “good” friends, people you can trust with your life who know where you might be if its bug-out time. A bicycle is a cheap alternative. Rig wire baskets all over it, keep an extra tube and pump handy-dandy. People will laugh, but you will live.

A loss of utility service can be a big bummer for renters. In winter, your pipes will freeze, and burst, and then you are without water, as well as heat. Plan ahead for this scenario. Keep plastic (hard-quality) plastic jugs on hand, in-case. A mini-butane heater or swiss army stove can be aquired on the cheap…and should be enough to thaw ice. Keep a minimum of two gallons of fresh bleech, know when you need to clean up that water, coffee filters are also very cheap, buy a few thousand of them. Cheese cloth can’t hurt, ect.. Water should be your first priority when it comes to consumption.

A first aid kit couldn’t hurt, it does not need morphine injectors and stainless surgical tools, but if you have them, keep them handy, just incase you need to remove a bad appendix or preform an emergency prefrontal lobotomy by request on a friend….you never know. LCD lights. They are efficient. Get lantern style ones. Get rechargable batteries, research which types are the best. Again, back to The Yankeeprepper’s channel on youtube, he covers alot of these things that apply to everyone, not just deduction  , I mean, Home Owners.

If you have family with you in an apartment, really get to know who your next door’s are. It’s just even more important. Some people could get weird in an shtf, ask them if they are on any psycotropic drugs currently (sarcasm), or have a history of institutionalization, thats always a sign of trouble. My next door is a government-check-draw’r on Lithium, so I have an shtf antenna attached to my spine, running out the top of my head, with a radar-dish on the tippy- top of it, circling, and beeping. And people do laugh about that one, even more than my wire-mesh bicycle.

Theres more, but I will save that for another post, I just heard some shouting next door and..

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