Separation of economy, and state

As we view an economy purposely forced into the dirt by  powers emboldened by hidden agendas and masters, we grovel between ourselves,”who decides, how far is too far?”. Regulations assume guilt, then impose restrictions on said PRE-crimes. Government power brokers can manipulate stock and bond prices with the swipe of a pen, and the shaking of a few hands behind the scenes. They announce, “since we have sold you on the need for a super-regulator (government), we have passed a bill that regulates kites.” Now the gov power brokers don’t care about kites, but many just bought PUT options in kite companies most negatively effected by their new regulatory law. PUT options are money makers, IF, a stock goes DOWN. Or is it a “CALL”, shit, I don’t know.

In a sense, the Federal Government has sold short on free markets, and is capitalizing on that short selling now. It has hedged who it knew would be winners. Gold is probably being manipulated because someone is trying to buy it up at an alarming rate. Who has the money to do this? The regulators. Those we look to as “experts”.

The whole rats nest is so convoluted most would rather take in a hot dog and a baseball game. And they do, thats why we have a marriage of state and free-markets. The two should be seperated in the same sense Church and State are seperated, with the same sense of urgency. An inability of the Greeks to seperate church from state lead to the cancellation of civilization and prosperity (in Greece for a brief time) for about 1,000 years, times, an era really, we now refer to as the Dark Ages.

Today, we stand looking down a potential abysss just as dark, where an elected official or appointed ruler decides your stock price, and interest rates, and you live and die by that persons whim. The new elite are in government, and running it LIKE a business, that just preformed a hostile takeover of any potential competitors. The elite brokers of money and power, are the priests of the dark ages in Europe. Burning people at the stake on a whim. Taking away property, on a whim. Had Aristotle said politics should be seperate from state, things might have turned out differently. Today, we must insist, no market manipulators in DC, on either side, or we will simply not have any true free market, at all. Seperate economy from state.

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2 Responses to Separation of economy, and state

  1. joe says:

    I always have looked at a new regulation as the breeding grounds for a monopoly.
    Long before a particular regulatory bill ever hits the house floor, you must take a peek into the smoke filled back rooms where the sausage is made. It is here, that these bills are ground, and reground, gristle separated, lard rendered, including the entrails, blood, and bone, blended in until unrecognizable. It is then stuffed into casings with a ton of spice, with some artificial smoke inscense added to make it all paleteable.
    We are told this new regulation will chop down, or control the big player(s) in a particular industry, yet if the public could run a dna of the blood on the hands of the very players involved, they would be shocked to learn that it matches perfectly the smaller fish in that same industry.

    See, the big players lobby demands that the new regulation be as tough as possible, even on themselves. They then celebrate when the bill is finally passed. But why ? The answer can be found in the effects of the new law on the smaller fish. Sometimes the effect is requirements for huge capital expendetures, of which the biggest players are most able to fork up. Other times, such as in the meat industry, it requires of businesses who wish to ship their product interstate, a federal inspector present to catch the flies in his open mouth during his peaceful slumber. (see the Iowa egg fiasco) And believe me, this is one job the Dem’s will never need to brag about how many they’ve created with stimulus.
    This is all done to smother that which large corperations fear most, competition.

    • able2cog says:

      As long as Congress has truckloads of livestock to process, they will have truckloads of scraps to go to rendering. In a proper Republican form of government, the people are not taxpaying cattle trucked in by the ton, but “above” their government, and only throwing it a bone from time to time for police, courts, and national defense. All thats required of people is to “think” again. In some ways we are close to revolutionary times, in other ways, we are forever seemingly lost.

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