Intellectual Athletes

Elected officials are in a sense, intellectual athletes. They are traded, and trade votes among themselves. They are often ranked by fans and foes. Their abilities are viewed by speacial interests, hidden interests, individuals interested, and betwix each other. Theres commentary and what a politician does, is go to work for a team performing tasks that teams members and fans cannot do themselves, or, refuse to, or choose not to do, as they have other fish to fry, or litterally, would rather be in fact “fishing”. They are the preformers on the stage of The Republic. Some are good at acting, some work behind the scenes, in lighting, or with make-up. Autocrats,democrats, lobbiests, rulers, druelers, convicts still unconvicted. Men and women of convictions and principles, wiggly pragmatists side by side with mush minded moral equivicaters. It’s the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

There are Fantasy football and baseball leauges. Why is there no Fantasy Political Leauge? Where players draft politicians with agendas, open and hidden, and money, direct and indirect, moving acroaa some digital monopoly-type board buying and trading power, influence, and these intellectual athletes directly. But rather than money as the goal, or all properties as the goal, why a goal of power? Or freedom? Depends upon the type of player you are.

Just musings.

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