Since the poli-correct nazis’s have dubbed “mentally retarded”, as “an individual with intellectual disability”, all dictionaries must now be burned, as an old term is “mandatorily” retired for a new term…once again.

Lets acknowledge the plight of all IID’s.

Now … I would like to address I.E.D.’s No, not Improvised Explosive Devices, I am talking about “Individuals with Entrepreneurial Disabilities”- IED’s.

IED’s are everywhere. In the work site, at the job site, ect…they always have “a better way”, or, suggestion that is superior to the ideas of mangement and ownership. But an IED is speacial in that their suggestions lack the bigger picture,and a sort of pan- determined viewpoint of the supervisors and managers, and owners. A very small percentage of characters actually are worker bees with great ideas, but 99.9 % have some of the worlds worst ideas, brewed in a broth of class envy, years of irresponsible behavior, and unstreched intellectual activity.

When you hear them, you will know, they are never the boss, they are always the expert, and the debate is closed the minute their last suggestive sentence collapses out of their pie-holes.

Thats all.

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