The Huddled Masses

One could say that the taxpaying, mortgage paying typical American today, is the huddle mass. But mabye not. perhaps the huddle mass is the obsolete man of federal or state employement nestled in a union job. That the mortgage skipper, a prior house flipper, and the check-draw-er (SSI,Food stamps,welfare) is the new huddled mass, afraid, shivering in a corner, knowing, Just Knowing, that theres a movement afoot to drive them to “J.O.B.S.” Where they are put in the impossible position of having to have to actually, WORK for a living. Theres your real huddled masses, the parasites being shaken, being forced to cling tighter to the tit of mother government for sustenance, knowing that as every day moves forward, another boobus domesticus lamb turns to wolf and looks  annoyed at them. Have the sleepers awoken? I think they are starting to.

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