Talk radio show host Jason Lewis has a new book coming out on State nullification…heres his website, the book is still in editing…

Thomas Woods of the LudwigVonMises Institute has written a book on it…

States rights, and state nullification is catching on in a big way. However, in the end, the states nullifying federal law can be bad as well, that pendulum can swing both ways. I would support a more individualized nullification, throw the bums out, style, sort of Asshat Nullification. California has huge fiscal issues in its governing body. They may manage to put the rest of us on the meat-hook for their worship of the Cult Of Collectivism Kutulu…or C.O.C.K. for short. So castrating DC from having the ability to reach-round into states to touch our lives via morning-wood rape would act as protection from any potential Californian Parasitical Infestation. RomneyUncare (Obamacare) could be pushed back to MA. Goat farmers in Al. would receive no 50 year mo-hair subsidy from me. But, A few good Congressman cannot repeal laws. Not on the scale needed to save liberty. State legislatures can. And many state legislators work for beer, and have small hands, and can guess your weight as well. Nullification of federal laws are a meeting grounds for libertarians (from state secession camps often) and conservatives (prematurely buried, ressurrecting out from arlington cemetary) can meet, greet, and bypass an inpotent federal house and senate royal opposition.

Asshat nullification though, is simply the repeal of legislators and senators via pitchforks, torches, and court order via evidence of sedition and conspiracy. I still like that idea better, just recall the bums. Too damn early for that though, people are still voting for these guys. I guess their not tired of taking in all that CultOfCollectivismKutulu yet.

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