Holy Forces

Many calls for more government, and thus, more control over individual lives, include a banging on the gong of collectivism. A blessing of the cross of alphabet government agencies. When a ruling class elitist commentator or politician weights in on an issue, they always want to dunk our heads into the baptismal waters of redistributed wealth. But real wealth is not unearned paycheck drawing. The drawer, looter, or elitist seeks to offer us as lambs upon the Lord of Lenins altar. The bait is forgiveness for our so-called trespass of so-called greed, ableism, and supposed avarice. Guilt is the Holy Spirit of the Cult of Government. It’s said to be within us all, needing taxation and regulation, they say it keeps us, “in check”. And we are not supposed to question the preachers of this? We are essentially told by the cult-leaders that we can take from makers because all makers had to take from takers in order to make. It’s a loop. Or, it’s a pie. Wealth creation is fictional according to this gospel, thus forced entry is justified, through threat of financial crucifixion.

The bible of the cult of collectivism is read everyday on nearly every channel on the airwaves. A passage here about someone making too much money, and a passage there about someone not endowed properly by producers through the thuggery of Income Tax Revenue collection.

If America is to break from this cult like worship of force, individuals will have to, one at a time, understand that the whole collectivist cult is total bullsh*t. All trade, all contract, all peaceful voluntary exchange is ultimately between individuals, not abstract entity’s like collectives. Even the political party concept in general is a collectivist notion, party politics will always exist, but should never be this significant because individual candidates and office holders, and their actions, are all we really need to look at.

The holy forces of the cult of collectivism are expanding beyond our ability to distinguish fable from fact. Beyond our ability to use force to check this initiation of force. Beyond the barbed farm fences and well in route to the slaughter houses of histories worst examples of force.

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