A Pledge Worth Second Guessing

The GOP has made a pledge with America, and put a rough draft in writing for broad release. It essentially states that the Republican Party hopes to begin reversing socialism and facism, starting after the November elections.

Really? But why stop supporting facism,corporatism.and socialism now? Why even go so far as to state IN WRITING you might even oppose tyranny? Why now? Whats happened to the same Republicans who have been in office for decades, now saying, “Oh, ok, now, NOW, NOW, I promise to behave,

Ummm, no, I won’t be so naive as to think a promise carries any weight by these looters. It simply does not. I am not jaded, I was never in love with these whores and their public rape of my limit on their power (US Constitution). I am simply seeing the blantantly clear parallels between Republicans and Democrats, and Mao, Stalin, and Hitler. No remnants of Jefferson in Washington remain, this should now be clear to everyone.

So Republicans, the same Republicans presiding over the Bush Years with the greatest increase in government size and spending since LBJ, are telling me that since that sort of unconstitutional activity is “no longer popular”, they will turn over a new leaf. But they will not. They simply want  a high voter turnout in this season of outrage, and their own polls might be telling them that they could struggle at the ballot boxes where theres  no enthusiasm.

Republicans are still talking “repeal AND REPLACE” in reguards to the Health Uncare Bill.

Replace it with what, Your Brand? Ofcourse ! Republicans, as long as they exist as a Party, will never allow a bill like Obamacare to be repealed, atleast, not without clonning it. That is the first thing Americans who love their Constitution, should understand. That is why the Party promise is worth nothing, and only individual candidates promises, or pledges, should be acknowledged, and then of course, taken only with a grain of salt.

Here’s the silliness on display…


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One Response to A Pledge Worth Second Guessing

  1. able2cog says:

    Incidentely, the ruling class wrote this pledge, less a pledge for America, more a ball pin hammer for America.

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