Warlock, Karl Rove still casting his spells.

Rove continues on the offensive against Christine O’Donnell, the latest drive-by media narrative is now that the GOP Primary winner is a “witch” literally. Tammy Bruce has indictated (internet radio)that she thinks perhaps Rove is working for either Coons, the Democrat opponent for the Delaware Senatorial seat, or that Rove could be working for Romney. I think it’s Romney that Rove is working for, and that he should disclose this, since he claims to be a center-right commentator. This is Romney-style tactics in an effort to keep female, and tea party favorites in the forest while he races for his annointment by the GOP for a bid against Obama in 2012. Romney is the kind of guy who would think that the GOP is “his” crown, since it would be “his TURN”, to run. Romney, the man who laid out the blueprint for Obama-care in Mass. some years ago as govenor, is a consumate “old boy” Republican. A grease-ball, in the truest sense of the phrase.

O’Donnell is fine. She thinks Americas best days should be in front of it. And she does not zoom with a broom. Rove, spent the past decade selling re-packaged leftist W. Bush, to the American right. Double-bubble toil and trouble, Rove’s a warlock. Now, he is selling us a re-packaged re-package of W., in the form of insider-old-boy, Mitt Romney. Rove sees America as his shithouse, and he’s dumping regurgitated, ruminated, deficated particles of poo, on Americans, through the cameras at  FoxNews. As Rove continues to attack ODonnell, we know he (Rove) has a hidden agenda…as she, (Christine ODonnell) has already won the primary..why would Rove continue his attempt to cast a warlocks spell?

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