The anus and the eyes.

America’s ruling class looks down upon the rising new guard in America. The new guard (re: Dec. of Indep.)are the citizens posted as guard over the Constitution, and the founding principles of this nation. Individual Rights mean that all individuals are an end in themselves, and not a means to an end for others. It is a fact of life, that in order to live, men must be free to choose their own destinys. Individual Rights are a requirement of mankind, in order to think. Government is an agent of force, formed to morally function as protector of Individual Rights..and nothing more, and nothing less. When said agent of force acts beyond its boundaries (beyond protecting individual rights), it becomes a threat to what it was formed to protect.

Still, most Americans today, believe that the function of government is to dole out their goodies. Many will go as far as to say that others do not deserve their goodies, but stop when their own goodies are threatened. The idea of liberty is a dead carcass lying in the middle of the road that leads to a very dark future for America, indeed.

When specie boobus domesticus tunes their TV to the evening news, they love choosing a side in the circus that is modern politics. The cameras focus on the dead body representing liberty, just lying there, still, in the middle of the road. “Breaking News” means the motion detectors have turned to and focused on the dead carcass. As we look, we see one political side of the ruling class as the woodchucks. They are sniffing the dead body, and starting with the eyes as their appetizer, an easy point of entry into the rotting corpse. Ofcourse, another political side of the ruling class comes along, sniffs around the body, sees the woodchucks munching on cornea, and have an alternative easy route into the guts..the anus, where these Rats start chomping.

Meanwhile, cheerleading Rats and Woodchucks surrounding the area, observe all this feeding activity, and comment on the frenzy. The woodchucks complain that the Rats are being ‘inefficient’, since they have to go through the intestines to get to the meat. The Rats complain, snicker, and scoff, that the woodchucks have to ‘bore through a thick skull, brain, and long neck’, before they can get to any meat.

Liberty, in the form of that rotting corpse, is what the rising New Guard in America, the awake, see. Some new political candidates, even address the whole corpse as the problem. But many are still addressing the eyes and anus. But the eyes and anus, are just a sideshow. And time is short.

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