Karl Rove, Machine Republican of the elite ruling class.

Once again Rove comes out against the Tea Parties, and against Constitutional conservative Sarah Palin. I am not a big Palin fan but Rove has a twinkie stuck up his bung hole when it comes to DC outsiders. They are not welcome in the GOP Machine…and he’s letting us know that. Heres a guy who spend the better part of a decade convincing The Right, that George W was a constitutional conservative. They (most) believed it, Rove became revered…and now look where this country is. Obama holds much of the blame, as does Bush, as does even the plumbers snake, Karl  Rove.





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3 Responses to Karl Rove, Machine Republican of the elite ruling class.

  1. joe says:

    Looks like the RINO enablers at the website Hotair believe a little differently than the rest of us do.
    “Is $10 million for Republican candidates, some of them tea partiers, enough to earn basic civility from “true conservative” O’Donnell supporters? How about the fact that Rove was enough of a “true conservative as recently as six weeks ago to guest host the Rush Limbaugh Show? ”
    So let me get this straight. Since Mr Rove has organized a Pac, not only does he get to decide (rightfully) to which candidates that money can go, he now has some moral authority to pick and choose which republican candidates should be on the ballot. Elections and the voters choice be dammed.
    Although in the interview, Rove did point out that he is, in fact sprinkling some of it toward another Tea Party choice, Angle, the author of this article suggests in no uncertain terms that this money should give Rove some misguided authority to steer at least some of the primaries to elect the candidate of his choosing.
    This mentality reeks of a “ruling class” on steroids. But I have the gut feeling that since this is just a standard operating procedure of the left, but with a base fully willing to submit, Rove and the Rino’s in general are just trying to throw their weight around just one last time in this, the last race before the ending of the primary cycle till 2012, where a new round of Rino’s will face the chopping block. I believe the message is that they are willing to “put up” with a couple of true conservatives in places where the establishment has no chance, but the majority WILL be controlled by the elites picks, or bust.
    Message; Tea party, get to the back of the bus.
    They will use you, abuse you, then discard you when it serves their purpose.
    I predict many on “our” side will proclaim that the Tea Parties have “served their purpose” after this election cycle, and will attempt to use the media to disband them.
    But the battle is far from over.
    Rove himself, in at least one interview I saw has stressed that he has been “talking” to TP leaders to strategize a plan going forward, but I know of no such TP “leader” who has this authority granted, or otherwise, to give this movement any marching orders.
    Could it be that Rove and the rest of his establishment cohorts see this movement as just an “uprising” that needs to be put down ?

  2. able2cog says:

    Hey look…

    “No GOP presidential hopeful in 2012 can expect to pass go without bowing to the tea party activists..”


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