A Theoretical Administration

In the event that this nation wakes up in 2012, an ideal administration and congress would look something like what follows below. In eight years this group would preside serving a nations who’s economic growth would be about 10% per year, with the worlds highest standard of living.

Preident, Peter Schiff (I,Conn)

Vice President, Stephen Bailey(R-CO)

State Dept., Ted Galen Carpenter(L)

Treasury Dept., Paul Ryan(R-WI)

Dept. of Defense, Gen. Patreaus(I)

Dept. of Justice, Andrew Napolitano(I)

Dept. of Interior, Newt Gingrich(R)

Dept. of Ag., Tim Pawlenty(R-MN)

Dept. of Commerce, Sallie James(L)

Dept. of Labor, Peter Van Doren(L)

Dept. of H.H.S., Walter E Williams(L)

Dept. of H.U.D., Thomas Sowell(R)

Dept. of Transportation, Mitch Daniels(R-Ind)

Dept. of Energy, Sarah Palin(R-Ak)

Dept. of Edu., Andrew Coulson(L)

Dept. of V.A., Allen West(R-Fl)

Dept. of Homeland Security, Bobby Jihndal(R-Lou)

Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve, Lawrence H. White(I)

Presidential advisors on domestic policy : Ed Crane, Jeffrey A Miron, Johan Norberg, John Samples, Daniel Griswold, and David Limbaugh.

Presidential advisors on foreign policy: Doug Bandow and Michael Cannon

Presidential economic advisors: George Reisman and David Boaz

White House spokesman, Jason Lewis

Senate Majority Leader Jim DeMint (R-SC)

Senate Minority Leader Rand Paul (L-Ky)

Senate Minority Whip Marco Rubio (I-FL)

House Speaker Michelle Bachmann (R-MN)

House Majority Leader Mike Pence (R-Ind)

House Majority Whip Neil Boortz (I-GA)

House Minority Leader Ron Paul (L-TX)

House Minority Whip Dennis Kucinch (I)

With the Senate 45 % Republican, 35% Libertarian, 15% Independant and 5% Democrat(3) or other(2).

And the House 40% Republican, 35% Libertarian, 16% Independant, and 9% Democrat(4) or other(5).

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